Your Wrist Is Naked Without This Fresh New Breed Angelo Watch, Do Your Wrist A Favor And Put This On

Look down at your wrist, just look at how naked that wrist is. It’s begging you for a goddamn watch. Why won’t you do the right thing and just put a damn watch on your bare wrist? If you were naked and needed something to cover yourself up wouldn’t you want someone to help you out, wouldn’t you????

Enough of that, this is a dope watch. The new Breed Angelo Watch comes in black/silver and it’s 100% the hotness. So let’s quit messing around and get to the goods, shall we?

Breed Angelo Watch (Black/Silver) — Strap On a New Breed of Watch

Let your style speak from the wrist up with Angelo. Created by BREED Watches, Angelo’s surgical quality stainless steel case and caseback promise durability, while its nylon strap oozes comfort. Plus with luminous hands for style and Swiss quartz movement for functionality, Angelo packs a lot of machinery in one little face. With this watch on your wrist, you’ll be dying for someone to ask for the time.

— Non-glare, scratch resistant mineral crystal
— Water resistant up to 10 ATM
— Luminous hands & markers for great visibility
— Magnified date display
— Unique crown protector


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