Grad School In Your Future? This Pay What You Want ‘Back-To-School MBA Bootcamp Bundle’ Is EXACTLY What You Need

If you’re thinking about going to grad school for an MBA it doesn’t matter if you’re fresh out of Undergrad or if you’ve been in the field for decades, there will still be a pretty quick and steep learning curve to get back up to speed. If you’re considering an MBA at all then you NEED this ‘Pay What You Want’ back-to-school bundle designed specifically for prospective MBA candidates. It features 7 incredible courses and if you act now you’ll save a ton of $$$, because individually these courses will set you back a hefty amount but as the bundle you’ll get HUGE savings. Let’s check out the goods:

Pay What You Want: Back-to-School MBA Bootcamp Bundle — From Leadership to Finance

Course 1: Strategy & Business Models — Jumsptart Growth with Relevant, Scalable Business Models

Whether you’re a business professional or an entrepreneur, this course will have you tossing your outdated business models out the window and adapting new, more effective techniques. Learn to consider today’s complex issues when looking to launch or pivot your business plan, and gain the practical techniques to put ideas into action.

— Learn to think strategically using modern techniques w/ 15 hours of coursework
— Recognize, develop & execute successful strategy using business model frameworks
— Identify the drivers of Strategy formulation using Megatrend analysis
— Adopt a dynamic strategic approach to deal with 21st Century continuous change
— Turn your idea into a business model prototype
— Construct a value proposition that works
— Understand the importance of customer centrality in business models & value propositions
— Deliver better results in company brainstorming sessions

Course 2: Finance for Non-Finance Professionals — Money Won’t Be Scary Anymore After This Course For Non-Finance Types

Finance does not come easy to most of us who do not work directly in finance. Still, knowing financials, especially in terms of meeting objectives, is one of the most important skills a business professional can have. This course provides a fluent understanding of fundamental financial theory that will give you a leg up in any business-related industry, regardless of your place in it.

— Access 21 units of course material 24/7
— Combine written material, videos, screenshots & exercises to learn core financial skills
— Understand & use key financial statements: Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets & Cash Flow Forecasts
— Discover budgeting & forecasting techniques to improve planning, control & decision-making
— Learn how to use key performance indicators (KPIs) effectively
— Apply important investment-appraisal techniques & understand how to develop a business plan

Course 3: Business Writing — Gain Confidence in Your Professional Writing Skills

Whether you’re tasked with drafting an email or a lengthy report, producing quality content quickly is essential for career success. This course will teach you techniques for getting even the most technical of ideas clearly outlined for your readers without wasting a minute of your time.

— Study useful writing techniques w/ 15 hours of learning material
— Structure & plan your writing
— Write with style & confidence
— Edit effectively to improve readability
— Gain more readers
— Explore techniques & tricks from an expert

Course 4: Leadership & Management — Learn to Become a Strong Leader with These Crucial Skills

Lead your organization, department, or team to success with essential management skills. From managing performance to delivering stability to developing your own style, this is a must-take course for any current or future manager in today’s business world.

— Gain fundamental leadership skills w/ 15 hours of instruction
— Understand your organization in detail & put forth a strategy
— Make strategic decisions based on this strategy
— Build a set of core values & brand definition
— Promote these values & the brand across all teams at your company
— Develop staff skills across to deliver your objectives
— Lead & manage with charisma, integrity, conviction & support

Course 5: Project Management — Initiate & Manage Projects to Yield the Results You Need

Project management is a key component of reaching business goals, and this course will cover best practices from project start to finish. Study tools and techniques with the experts, and make sure all projects are planned, performed, and completed as intended.

— Learn to launch, manage & evaluate projects of all types w/ 15 hours of learning material
— Make sure projects are well-informed, efficient, flexible & effective
— Study tools, processes, and skills to monitor project progress
— Study techniques & tricks w/ project-management experts
— Receive video summaries, downloadable templates & exercises
— Participate in multiple-choice tests

Course 6: Communication Influence & Teams — Create a Healthy Workplace for Yourself & Your Team

Cultivate top-notch communication skills to augment your relationship with your staff and in turn, boost your business. As business moves faster and faster in today’s digital age, it’s essential to assure that clear communication exists across your organization—and this course explores the skills required to make that dream a reality.

— Learn to better understand people’s emotions w/ 15 hours of training
— Communicate according to people’s wants & needs
— Employ body language & active listening to communicate more effectively
— Communicate with introverts & extroverts
— Speak clearly & w/ authority
— Create excellent first impressions
— Cultivate power, empathy, rapport, consistency & credibility
— Apply a number of influence-building techniques
— Distinguish between different types of teams &team members
— Manage teams, including conflict within teams
— Communicate effectively as part of a team

Course 7: Business Analysis — Learn to Crunch Numbers Like a Pro & Become a Data Analytics Superstar

Successful businesspeople make the most out of the numbers available to them. If you’re to succeed in the business world, you’re going to need how to crunch and effectively analyze data. This course will take you through a proven, structured process to improve your ability to collect, analyze, and forecast business and financial data in order to generate valuable, financially viable insights.

— Access 20 extensive units w/ exercises designed to hone your skills
— Learn how to report on business data & present information & analysis to clients & stakeholders
— Turn mass amounts of data into sound, well-supported business decisions
— Create practical charts to communicate business decisions
— Gain 60 professional spreadsheet models that can be adapted for your work

If you’re considering an MBA you NEED these crucial skills, so follow the link below and scoop up your ‘Pay What You Want’ bundle today!!!

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