A Total Stranger Wants To Call Your Cell To Wake You Tomorrow If You’re Interested

The snooze button is the most pointless invention of modern times. It actually makes life worse, instead of making it better.

First, it’s the absolute reason everyone is always running late. Instead of getting up on time, we hit snooze, and the entire day is now pushed back about five minutes. Second, it’s awful for your body. You fall back asleep only to be woken up five minutes later. So instead of waking up from a long night’s sleep you’re waking up from a four minute nap and now feeling like ass. Finally, the snooze button just encourages people to hit snooze AGAIN and now your day is totally fubared.

That was a long rant to introduce a phone app. Apologies. I hit snooze this morning and I’m in a shit mood. Anyway, if you’re not a fan of alarm clocks and would rather hear the sound of a human voice waking you from slumber, you’ll want to check out Wakie — the social alarm clock that allows users to wake up (and be woken up) by complete strangers.

It’s like the Chatroulette of alarm clocks. Now, you’re probably wonder, who the hell wants to talk to a complete stranger at the butt crack of dawn (or whenever you roll your ass out of bed) and the answer is “enough people to create an app.”

“Most people hate alarm clocks, billions of people feel unhappy every day with these classic ringers and ding-congers,” Wakie co-founder and CEO Hrachik Adjamian tells me. “We make people happy with the voice of friendly strangers from all over the world who try to make you smile in the morning. A lot of people who use our service say that they started to love mornings. The better you start your day the better you feel yourself for the rest of the day.”

So how exactly does Wakie work? According to Tech Crunch “You simply set the time and day you want the alarm to go off. However, when it’s time to be woken up, the app anonymously connects you to a call from another user. You then get around a minute to talk and be woken up. If no ‘Wakie’ is available, the app will play an automated message instead.”

Oh, so if everyone else if fucking sleeping, I get to hear a robot voice? Awesome. Nothing better when getting out of bed to be reminded everyone is sleeping.

I’ll stick to my Mickey Mouse wind-up clock with the clock tower sized bells.

H/T Tech Crunch

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