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Deejo Has Functional And Stylish Knives To Handle Anything 2022 Throws At You

Deejo Has Functional And Stylish Knives To Handle Anything 2022 Throws At You

2021 has finally come to an end and what a crazy year it has been!

With 2022 already here, who knows what the world has in store for us this time. And considering obstacles that we’ve had to overcome over the past two years, it’s safe to safe 2022 will likely have some more unexpected challenges.

So make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way in 2022 with Deejo Knives. As the premier destination for pocket knives, Deejo is upgrading your everyday carry with fully-customized, high-grade pocket knives. Not only is it a functional tool built to withstand the toughest of obstacles, but it’s also an excellent style piece to complement your personality and show off.


Deejo Knife with vegetables

Functionality for the New Year

Deejo Knives are made from first grade 420 stainless steel, so you can trust that they’re built to handle task after task, no matter how tough they may be. But that doesn’t mean Deejo Knives are big and bulky. As a matter of fact, they’re quite the opposite—ultralightweight.

Even better, you have three options to choose from for size: 37g, 27g, and 15g. This way you can balance functionality and versatility to suit your personal preferences. Whether you want the bare essentials with a knife that actually fits into your pocket or something larger to slip in your bag, Deejo provides the versatility you’re looking for.


New Year New Stylish Knife

Beyond the functionality that a Deejo Knife provides lies the true standout element. Innovating past the traditional pocket knife, they tattoo their blades for an entirely new dimension of personalization. Yes! Just like tattooing on skin, Deejo offers diverse patterns and images to create a blade unique to you.

Deejo Tattoos

Lion, Terra Incognita, Tribal, Viking Dragon, Eagle, Grizzly

Art Deco, Lion, Hunting Day, Watch movement, and VIKING DRAGON are just a few of the 70+ badass tattoo designs Deejo offers. It’s the perfect style piece to show off in the New Year.


 knife designs

Deejo. The knife that resembles you.

Thanks to Deejo’s online configurator, knives can be completely customized to one’s style, taste and mood. Besides weight and tattoo designs, they offer different finishes of their steel blade, as well as a handle adorned with the wood of various species. Take a look below for the full list of personalizable options that they offer.

  • Handle: Wood (Coralwood, Ebony, Juniper wood, Olive tree), Composite (Carbon fiber, Turtle Shells), Gold (Yellow Gold Gilded, White Gold Gilded, Pink Gold Gilded)
  • Finishing: Mirror, Grey titanium, Black titanium
  • Personalized Text: Up to 35 characters of text with 3 font styles
  • Weight: 15g (7cm closed), 27g (9cm closed), 37g (11cm closed)
  • Tattoo: 70+ designs and images, including Cafe Racer to Prime Cuts to Topography


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Deejo Knives is the premier destination for top-of-the-line gear, ranging from fully customized pocket knives to full-on knife sets. Everything they make inflects a new symbol of elegance, accompanied by a beautiful watch, an artisanal pen or finely-crafted leather good.

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Thanks to the multitude of options for personalization, you can create a Deejo knife that is uniquely you and matches your mood, style, or vibe. And when it comes to functionality, you won’t find a blade as versatile as Deejo. So whether you’re planning to adventure all of 2022 or just want to stay prepared for the unexpected challenges that will certainly arrive, Deejo has you covered.


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