Build Your Own Fully Customized Pocket Knife with Deejo Knives

Deejo Customizable Knives

These days, customization is a part of everything. From personalized license plates all the way to the shoes your character wears in a video game, everything has some level customization available. So why shouldn’t a tool you use everyday, like a pocket knife, get the same attention and customization as well?

Unlike most personalized pocket knives out there, Deejo Knives allows you to take control of everything. From choosing the weight, handle, finish, and more, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind pocket knife by the time you’re done selecting. And if you need some extra inspiration, Deejo offers pre-existing sets with unique blade tattoos. With unique, personalized items becoming all the rage, there’s no better time to check out what Deejo Knives has to offer.

Dusting off the concept of the folding knife, Deejo makes a pocket knife a fashion accessory that can reflect your tastes, moods, and styles. Just head on over to Deejo Knives and play around with the expansive customizability to find what fits your personality.


Deejo Customization Options

Deejo Knives Customization

It’s the perfect opportunity to add something functional that will last forever to your everyday carry essentials. And there’s no better addition than a fully-customized, top-of-the-line pocket knife from Deejo Knives. From different finishes to intricate tattoo designs, there’s more to customize than you’d expect. We’ve broken down some of selections, so you can get started putting your own, unique pocket knife together.



Deejo Tattoos

Lion, Terra Incognita, Tribal, Viking Dragon, Eagle, Grizzly

Deejo have innovated beyond the traditional knife by offering ‘tattoos’. With over 70 design options to select from, each tattoo gives the blade a unique identity. From diverse patterns to images, designs include musical notes, hunting scenes, dragons and more.


Weight Options

Deejo knows everyone’s got different needs and uses for their pocket knives. That’s why they’re offering their fully customizable blade in three weight options. Whether you want to carry it around in your pocket or just need it in your backpack, these ultralight weight knives will be ready for the occasion.

  • 37 grams (11cm closed)
  • 27 grams (9cm closed)
  • 15 grams (7cm closed)


Knife Finishes

  • Black Titanium
  • Mirror
  • Grey Titanium


Handle Options

To finish up customizing your own knife from Deejo Knives, you have a wide assortment of handles to select from. From woods to gold and more, they’ve got the eye catching stuff and the more reserved looks too.

  • Coralwood
  • Ebony
  • Juniper wood
  • Olive tree
  • Carbon fiber
  • Turtle shells
  • Yellow Gold Gilded
  • White Gold Gilded (Palladium)
  • Pink Gold Gilded

Personalized Text

The customization isn’t over yet. Deejo also gives you the option to add your own personalized text onto the handle of your knife. Whether you want to distinguish your knife as your own by adding your name or add extra meaning with an important date, Deejo has you covered. And you can select between different text styles to make sure that important message comes in a style that matches you.


Deejo Knives is the premier designation for all sorts of knives. Whether you’re interested in pocket knives for everyday use or full on knife sets, Deejo provides top of the line gear. And all their knives are made from first grade 420 stainless steel, so they’re built to last. And for a blade of such high-quality, it won’t set you back much either.


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