A Custom-Designed Deejo Knife Is The Perfect Everyday Carry Upgrade For Any Bro This Holiday Season

Presented in partnership with Deejo Knives…

If you’re a guy, you’re probably looking for new ways to upgrade your everyday carry items. Hey, it makes sense since, you know, those are essentials that most of us rely on to help get through the day. And, while it’s never easy getting everything we need, Deejo Knives are at least making it a little bit simpler to get what you want this holiday season.

That’s because the company allows you to fully customize a pocket knife, meaning you can put pretty much anything you want to on the blade in order to make your knife truly one-of-a-kind. Talk about taking the whole custom gift idea to the next level, right?


Deejo Knives makes pocket knives with first grade 420 stainless steel, so you know they’re top of the line. And with the ability to 100 percent customize the look and feel of yours, you’ve got the control when it comes to the finished product, with the artwork on the blade coming straight from your creativity.

With such a unique experience, we’re sure you’ve got a few questions. So take a look below to learn about how Deejo Knives’ customizes things based off your personal preferences.

  • Handle: Naked, Colors (multiple options), Wood Colors (multiple options), Wood Natural (multiple options), Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 15 grams, 27 grams, 37 grams
  • Tattoo: Multiple options available, including things like Scorpion to Pacific to Manuscript.
  • Finishing: Mirror, Grey Titanium, Black Titanium

Plus, Deejo Knives range from about $29 to $80 in price, so, even with a one-of-a-kind pocket knife with Grade A quality, it’s not as if you’re spending a fortune.


The holidays are the ideal time to drop things on your wish list that you’ve always wanted, and Deejo Knives brings an experience that’s unmatched. Even if you’re not the most creative person out there, the brand still has something just for you, offering up some incredible heirloom-quality designs of their own that you’ll cherish just as much as one with a blade tattoo you came up with yourself.

Available in three exclusive weight options — 15 grams, 27 grams, and 37 grams — Deejo Knives offers the best when it comes to weight, functionality, durability, and design. So start thinking about how you want to personalize your pocket knife this holiday season and add this badass everyday carry item to your wish list.


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