This Jump Rope Is Designed To Help You Maximize Your Rep Count And It’s More Than 50% Off

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts. It’s almost the perfect exercise. There’s one thing, however, that making jumping rope much more difficult — crappy jump ropes. They’re either too light, too heavy, poorly made or one more jump away from snapping in your face.

Ditch the old rope and check out the WODFitters Platinum Double Under Jump Rope. WODFitters Platinum Double Under Jump Rope is the premiere jump rope for high intensity training. The jump rope specifically designed to make jumping easier on you and the rope.

How? This speed cable jump rope is made with ball bearings, offering unparalleled quickness and fluid motion so you can maximize your jump count. Designed specifically for the high-intensity athlete, the Platinum Double Under Jump Rope is ideal for MMA, Boxing, and CrossFit training. It helps build up endurance levels and is the preferred jump rope for WOD enthusiasts.

Fully adjustable and made with only the highest quality materials, it includes a free carrying case making it a great option for exercising while traveling or on vacation.

Buy It Here: $17.99

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