Dr. Squatch Toothpaste – Introducing A New, All-Natural Toothpaste For Mornings And Evenings

Your morning breath and your before-bed breath are two different animals. There’s only one way to tame the beast:  Introducing Dr. Squatch toothpaste – a new, all-natural toothpaste kit for mornings and evenings.

Dr. Squatch toothpaste is exactly what any version of your mouth needs – free from those harsh chemicals you don’t really want to put in your mouth and formulated specifically for your morning and night routines.

It comes on the heels of the brand’s tremendously successful Galaxy bundle of space-themed soaps.

With Dr. Squatch toothpaste, you can start the day strong and finish even stronger.

Each toothpaste in the kit features a burst of Peppermint, Green Tea Extract, and Vitamin B12.  It also features a natural clay ingredient to brush those stains away.

The kit comes in two different flavors: Citrus Mint for your mornings and Soothing Spearmint for your evenings.



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