Here’s One Way To Ensure You Never Get Nailed For Drunk Driving Again

And that one way is to not drink and get behind the wheel. Bye.

Fine, there’s another way, and it involves a handy app that attaches to your smartphone called The Drink Mate. It’s the world’s smallest breathalyzer and will keep you from getting behind the wheel when you’ve had one too many mimosas at Sunday brunch. Well, it won’t physically keep you from getting behind the wheel but it will tell you it’s a bad idea.

Drink Mate is now partnering with Drunk Mode — an app we gushed over last year because it recovers SnapChats and prevents drunk dialing — to make sure you don’t do ANYTHING dumb while drunk.

The Drunk Mode app has now teamed up with the DrinkMate breathalyzer to take weekends to the next level. DrinkMate is not only the smallest smartphone BAC calculator, but also the cheapest, making it perfect for Drunk Mode users on a college budget or on baller status. Drunk Mode paired with BAC data gives the user the power to: compare BAC with friends, block contacts/apps at a preset BAC level, and call a cab automatically when over the limit. With over 200,000 users and growing, this Drunk Mode and DrinkMate collaboration was a match made in drunken heaven.

I’m not sure comparing blood alcohol level with bros is the best idea. You know how competitive men can be. “What? You blew a 1.1. Fuck that, watch me die!”

DrinkMate Product Demo + Extended Description from Edge Tech Labs on Vimeo.

[H/T: Drink Mate]

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