Alcoholics Rejoice! There Is A New App That Recovers Snapchats And Prevents Drunk Dialing!


When you go out with your friends to the bar or club you have full intentions on having a grand time. You want to meet a smoking hot girl and take her home to share some taquitos, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes when you go out you perhaps indulge in a few too many brews and the next thing you know Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo are all in your head telling you what a spectacular idea it would be to call your ex who cheated on you with your uncle. Now you’re feeling lonely, vulnerable and not to mention you’ve had six Fireball shots so in your disillusioned mind this makes complete sense to call your cheating ex, just to say “Hi.” Well you don’t have to make this mistake any more because there is an app that prevents you from being a needy drunk.

The Drunk Mode App is like your sober angel on your shoulder and stops you from drunk dialing as well as preventing other destructive drunk behaviors. When you’re in a packed club and you can’t find your drunk friend the app finds him for you, even though deep down inside you know he’s in the shitter puking his brains out. There is a “Breadcrumbs” feature that utilizes GPS to keep track of where you’ve been the entire night in case you lose your wallet or want to write a “Missed Connections” post about some chick you thought was into you at bar #4 of your pub crawl. It also has a Snapchat recovery option which allows you to recover all the unsolicited dick pics you sent the night before. New features that are being worked on are providing you with the best deals at bars in your area and one that synchronizes rides from cab services such as Uber and Lyft.

The app is the brainchild of University of Virginia alum Joshua Anton, who received a late night call from a drunk girl who bitchily proclaimed that she “probably wouldn’t have said those same things if she was sober.” Ouch. You know you really say some fucked up shit when your drunken words motivate someone to make an entire app to prevent it from happening ever again. However this app still has some giant loopholes, such as social media. You can still drunkenly share a photo of you shitting your pants on Facebook so that all 423 of your friends and even your nana can see it. And sorry, the app can’t prevent you from drinking too much and puking in the lap of a 10 who was just about to go home with you.