Duke Cannon Created WWII-Style PSA Posters For Social Distancing

Make no mistake: The world is at war against an invisible enemy right now. A deadly global pandemic is ravaging healthcare systems around the world and putting entire countries on lockdown, with doctors, nurses, researchers, and scientists working exhaustively on the frontlines.

As of this writing, COVID-19 has claimed over 14,691 lives around the world, recking havoc and economic uncertainty around the globe.

Social distancing is the new norm, as is quarantining and sheltering in place. After a calamitous two weeks, it’s the public’s duty to just stay the fuck home – inside – and flatten the curve.

Industry is leaning into a full-scale war effort. Distilleries like Titos Vodka are using their equipment to pump out hand sanitizer:


And companies like GM, Ford, and Tesla are converting factories to make much-needed ventilators for hospital systems.



Passenger planes are flying much-need supplies to cities where its needed most.

Other companies are donating much needed N95 masks to healthcare systems in dire need of supplies

On the homefront, simple and invaluable acts of heroism are keeping the world marching forward against this enemy: UPS / FedEx drivers with deliveries to hospitals and healthcare centers, truck drivers maintaining the supply chain, grocery store workers.

The battlecry from public health officials is clear: Wash your fans. Don’t touch your face. Keep six feet away from other people.

All simple but necessary orders for this war.

To reinforce this message, Duke Cannon Supply Co. – American-made purveyor of bourbon soap and other essential hygiene products –  created a series of WWII-style PSA posters.

You can download them as PDFs and print them out to hang around the house right here.

We’re all in this together.


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