Duke Cannon Review – Beer And Bourbon Soap To Stay Clean And Smell Bold AF

Hear me out here: Great soap is an investment in yourself that pays dividends.

It’s like buying a good mattress, a good pair of tires, or the top shelf bottle of barrel-aged bourbon.

Duke Cannon Supply Co is an American-made purveyor of bourbon soap and other essential hygiene products. If you’re not familiar, Duke Cannon specializes in making all sorts of masculine apothecary products: Beard products, high-viscosity body wash, cologne, and hair wash.

If you love the scent of smooth, vanilla-y bourbon or crisp, refreshing beer, Duke Cannon soap is a must for your bathroom.

For example: The Big American Bourbon Soap bar. Made in partnership with Buffalo Trace Distillery, the soap is made using award-winning (and delicious) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  It results in a sweet, oaky scent like a whiskey barrel from a family-owned distillery. And it’s massive.

It took me well over a month to get through the bar I bought in January. And they recently rolled out Beer and Bourbon soap boxes (…so you get ’em all) and a collab with Budweiser, the King of Beer.

Here’s my short but sweet Duke Cannon review:

Smell: You know that smell when you pour yourself a freshly-opened bottle of bourbon and it starts to open up in the rocks glass – full of flavor – before you take the first sip? That sweet and delicious oaky smell hits the nose and lasts for a long time with Duke Cannon soap. It’s noticeable but not overpowering.

Ergonomics: Bigger is better and Duke Cannon soap is easy to grip when wet.

Lather: It will get the damn grit off you, that’s for sure. Doesn’t get too sudsy. You can feel the exfoliating in action.

Post-Shower feeling: Clean and refreshed, if not straight up invigorating. Doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and flaky – in fact, if you use it with some

Value: Serious bang for your buck at less than $10 a bar, especially for the “big ass” 10oz soap bars. Lasts 10x longer than the average store-bought soap bar.

Note: FREE SHIPPING for Duke Cannon soap orders over $20


The Beer and Bourbon Soap Box

$38.00 $25.00 – BUY IT HERE

Big American Bourbon Soap – 10oz

$9.50 – BUY IT HERE


Great American Beer Soap – 10oz

$9.50 – BUY IT HERE

Big Ass Beer Soap – 10oz

$9.50 – BUY IT HERE

The Shower Beer Sack

$49.00 – BUY IT HERE


The Grooming Barrel

$150.00 $125.00 – BUY IT HERE


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