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Embracing Old-School Cool: How I Upgraded My Daily Style With A Gold Chain For Under $200

Growing up, my grandfather was always the epitome of old school cool.

He had this epic gold chain with a 16th century Spanish coin believed to be plucked from a shipwreck off the Island of Granada. The gold chain accented whatever he wore, from everyday loungewear to a suit, well into his golden years and beyond.

As I grew up, I wanted to channel his personal aesthetic: Laidback at times, yet formal when required. In my mind, that gold chain made him a total style icon. It’s all about that understated swagger, you know? Not screaming for attention, but subtly whispering, “I’ve got this.”

A couple of years ago, a buddy hit me with, “You’re a gold chain kinda guy,” and I laughed it off. Me? With jewelry? It had never occurred to me that it might be a good way to upgrade my ‘fits’ without a lot of fuss. But then, I started noticing other men my age around my age rocking gold chains when out to dinner or at a meeting. It was a cool and effortless look that seemed to enhance whatever they were wearing, from white sneakers to a simple black t-shirt.

Becoming a gold chain guy, just like my grandfather

I finally got myself a gold chain earlier this year. I couldn’t resist when I saw that JAXXON was running a buy two chains, get one free sale on their best-selling 5mm Cuban Link Chain, so I just went for it and loaded up. The advertising worked. I got the JAXXON 5mm Cuban Link Chain in gold ($169) and silver ($164), then opted for a 2.5mm gold rope chain to mix things up as the freebie. I loved that JAXXON’s prices didn’t nuke my wallet.

JAXXON Cuban links chains

When it comes to style, keep it simple

Much like having a great watch, wearing a gold chain, as a guy, is all about making your existing style pop. Here’s how I made it work with my outfits: I’m all about those crisp tees, sharp button-downs, paired with some loud Jordans, Chukkas, Vans, or boots. Like many professional guys with careers, that’s my go-to look.

The JAXXON 5mm Cuban Link Chain is the perfect length and thickness to add a touch of gold without overdoing it. Throw it on with some fresh kicks or a dope hat, and it’s a game changer.

It’s an especially good time to buy, as JAXXON is currently running up to 50% off sale to ease into the holiday deals season.


First time out with my new bling, I went out to dinner with old friends at my favorite Los Angeles Korean BBQ spot.

Wearing a gold chain out is a social magnet

I paired with a black tee and a flannel. It was a simple look that killed.

The crew was buzzing. One friend dapped me up with a “Slay, king” compliment. Another buddy gave me a “Damn, dude? So you’re a chain guy now?!” Then he asked where I got it. His wife said she was thinking about getting him one for the holidays. I told them about the buy two, get one sale on JAXXON if she was seriously considering. Perhaps the whole squad could go in and get a freebie?

It was like a magnet for conversation. It’s not just a chain; it’s a vibe. The next night, I popped into a whiskey tasting in Venice Beach wearing the same JAXXON 5mm Cuban Link Chain. Strangers turned heads. Small talk and conversation with strangers was easier and more effortless. The chain wasn’t just an accessory; it was a confidence booster, a style amplifier that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.

Man with beard wearing a JAXXON chain

What have I learned? Forget the loud logos and over-the-top trends. A classic, understated piece like a gold chain brings that extra edge, that hint of luxury, even if you’re rocking plain Henleys or a simple black tee day in and day out.

My new identity as a ‘Chain Guy’ thanks to JAXXON

Fellas, if you’re hunting for an upgrade, think about becoming a “chain guy”, as my friends called. Gold chains are timeless. They’re about that effortless authority and coolness, just like our grandfathers were. I’m proud to call myself a “chain guy” now. It’s the simplest way to add a dash of flash into your style arsenal.

It’s surprising even to myself how naturally I’ve adopted being a “chain guy” into my persona. Yet here I am at this juncture in life where “chain guy” is not just a term, but an identity.

Sometimes in life, you just gotta chain up and own it.

Don’t forget… JAXXON is currently running a sale up to 50% off! 




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