It’s Time To Try Equator’s Specialty Instant Coffee

Equator Instant Coffee

Instant coffee gets a bad wrap in some places (mainly in the U.S.) but the truth is this type of coffee can be super fast and easy to make. On top of this convenience, instant coffee also has a slightly bitter taste compared to freshly brewed coffee—which is a key reason why millions of people like it.

Many would be surprised to know how much of the world drinks instant coffee. Geographically speaking, nearly half of the world prefers instant coffee over freshly brewed.

Equator Instant Coffee

The downside to instant coffee is it’s obviously not fresh, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

California-based Equator Coffees makes fresh, whole bean roasts as well as instant coffees, and we’re all about their instant coffee right now.

This 5 pack Instant Coffee is a light roast from Southern Ethiopia. It features a premium flavor that invokes hints of blueberry, blood orange, and tea rose. Each packet makes 8-10 oz of liquid coffee.

Equator Instant Coffee

To make the coffee, all you have to do is add water (hot or cold) and stir until the powder is dissolved. Add your regular preferred sugar and/or milk and you’ve got yourself a fast cup of Joe.

Bring your instant coffee with you whenever you’re on the go or traveling. Activities like hiking and camping are ideal environments where instant coffee would thrive. Head on over to Huckberry to try out this 5-pack.

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