Everyday Carry Essentials For Your Next Paid Day Off

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Everyday Carry Essentials For Your Next Paid Day Off

Paid time off. It’s one of the greatest benefits a workplace can offer. Maybe you choose your days off carefully to coincide with a big trip, or maybe you randomly point to a day on the calendar and say, “This is the one.”

No matter how you spend your PTO you should make sure to live those days to the fullest. Catch a ballgame, go to a museum, join in on a huge parade—are they saying we should spend the day like Ferris Bueller? We’re saying live a little!

For your adventures, you’ll want a pair of lightweight shoes. That’s why we’re recommending the Lems Primal 2, a feathery hiking shoe that you can cram into a bag or backpack easily when not in use.

For a stylish timepiece, we’d go with the Vincero Chrono S in a sleek matte black color. The 40mm watch is made with strong stainless steel and it comes with a fine leather band.

And if you’re looking for a cozy piece of outerwear for those cool mornings, we’re going with a Flint and Tinder zip-up hoodie, and in a classic olive green color, no less.

Read more below to check out all of these awesome essentials for your next day off.

[1] Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie [$108]

[2] Lems Shoes Primal 2 [$105]

[3] Outerknown Surf Crazy Tee [$36 originally $48]

[4] Flint and Tinder 365 Jogger [$98]

[5] Christopher Cloos Paloma – Coal [$149]

[6] Vincero The Chrono S – Matte Black 40mm [$165]

[7] Deso Supply Co. Never Summit Camper [$34]

[8] Ridge Wallet Navy [$85]

[9] Deejo Knife Coral Wood Astro [$79]

[10] Whiskey Peaks Mountain Decanter [$55 originally $65]

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Everyday Carry Essentials For Your Next Paid Day Off

Everyday Carry Essentials For Your Next Paid Day Off

Everyday Carry Essentials For Your Next Paid Day Off

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