5 Reasons Why Monthly Knife Club Will Help Improve Your Everyday Carry Game 

Presented by Monthly Knife Club

Having a pocket knife is important for a lot of reasons, and, even if you’re not the most outdoorsy guy around, having one nearby is important for lots of other reasons, too. Since we know that having a clutch everyday carry game is crucial for daily survival, we’re going to give it to you straight — Monthly Knife Club is the premier spot to get yourself a pocket knife.

We know what you’re probably thinking: “Well, I can get a pocket knife anywhere nearby.” Yeah, that’s true, but Monthly Knife Club has the best brands at the best prices, giving you options on which tactical gear and pocket knives you want most with one of their subscription boxes.

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For those guys who might be thinking how Monthly Knife Club can impact their everyday carry game and transform their lives, we’re going to break things down pretty simple for you. Basically, we’re giving you five reasons how a subscription from Monthly Knife Club can help you out, because you never quite know when or where you might need a pocket knife.

1. While Building A Fire

Whether you’re shaving layers off a branch or just trying to cut up a few things to make some flames, having a pocket knife while out in the wilderness can help make building a fire much easier. This shouldn’t have to be said, but, hey, we figured it’s a good time to remind you.

2. First-Aid

Even if it’s just a simple splinter, having a pocket knife at arm’s length will be solid in order to help dig that thing out from beneath your skin. Even for those bigger first-aid jobs that need a sharp edge, making sure you’ve got a folder to rely on can make things that much easier.

3. Opening Packages

Forget struggling with opening packages and shipment boxes with your hands, because having a pocket knife will take care of that problem once and for all. Thanks to a clean sweep over the tape, boom, you can now take the frustration out of all that unwrapping.

4. Altering Clothing

Got some loose threads that are driving you crazy? Don’t just try to rip them out and still have them hanging around, take your trusty pocket knife and get rid of the problem once and for all. From turning beat up pants with holes in them into pants, to cutting additional ventilation into your shoes, a pocket knife can be your best friend.

5. Food Prep

Whether you’re headed out of town, or just going out for a walk and might get something to eat on your way, a pocket knife can serve as a spoon, fork and cutter. Having a folding blade will help with lots of snacks that you might buy — like cheeses or fruits — so it just makes sense to have one with you for everyday carry.

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Starting to get the sense that Monthly Knife Club might be something you’re interested in? Probably. Since we know you probably want to know how simple it is to sign up for a subscription, take a look at the steps and ask yourself why you haven’t done this sooner.

First, Be over the age of 18 to subscribe. Sorry, those are the rules.

If you’re good there, follow the below:

Step 1: Select your knife plan, which come in four options: the standard subscription, the name brand subscription, the fixed blade subscription and the ONYX Knife subscription.

Step 2: Monthly Knife Club then ships new knives and tactical gear to you every month, with orders being shipped out between the 15th and 25th every month.

Boom, it’s that easy. With the variety of knives and all the tactical gear available from Monthly Knife Club, it’s probably pretty smart to sign up as soon as you can.

Use the code BRO1010 for 10% off!


Plus, here’s another cool thing that you may not know about Monthly Knife Club: they have a couple other options for you to get top-shelf pocket knives and tactical gear for your everyday carry game without a full subscription. That’s because they offer up “grab bag” options, which include tactical gear and pocket knives from previous subscription boxes and samples. So you’re still getting badass gear, but you’re not having the commitment.

Now that you know how Monthly Knife Club can fix your everyday carry game and improve lots of things in your life, it’s time to do the smart thing and get yourself some of their gear.


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