Everyday Carry Upgrade: Monthly Knife Club Has The Gear You Need (And Want) This Holiday Season

Presented by Monthly Knife Club

It’s critical for a guy to have the best stuff when it comes to upgrading his everyday carry items. Whether it’s having a trusty pocket knife, a flashlight, a lighter or something else, it’s always important to be prepared for anything life’s adventures want to throw your way.

Rather than just guess at what you might need, though, why not do something a little bit different by snagging yourself a subscription from Monthly Knife Club, which has the most premier products available for your everyday carry game to get to a whole new level.

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With just a simple subscription, Monthly Knife Club hooks you up with all the top tactical gear at the fraction of the cost of other places. It means your everyday carry game will be on point, while your wallet won’t feel much lighter.

Here’s a look at how Monthly Knife Club works.

First, you need to be over the age of 18 to subscribe. Sorry, that’s the first (and sort of only) rule. For those who are of age, here’s how a Monthly Knife Club subscription works.

Step 1: Select your knife plan, which come in four options: the standard subscription, the name brand subscription, the fixed blade subscription and the ONYX Knife subscription.

Step 2: Monthly Knife Club then ships new knives and tactical gear to you every month, with orders being shipped out between the 15th and 25th every month.

Legit, that’s about as easy as breathing, guys, so signing up for Monthly Knife Club is the ideal way to upgrade your everyday carry and snag everything you need this holiday season.

Use the code BRO1010 for 10% off!


For those guys who might be weary of joining another subscription service — hey, commitment phobia is very real — don’t fret, because Monthly Knife Club has options for you as well. Thanks to their tactical grab bags, which have two tiers stuffed with leftover samples of previous boxes, you’ll be getting all the greatest gear at a low price without a full-fledged subscription.

Plus, Monthly Knife Club even offers individual gear in their online shop, giving you more options when it comes to finding the stuff you need for everyday carry.

No matter what you need this holiday season, Monthly Knife Club has you covered. And remember, using the code BRO1010 gets you an additional 10% off your order, so don’t miss out on huge savings when looking for an everyday carry upgrade.

Use the code BRO1010 for 10% off!


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