Take $100 Off The Freewrite Traveler From Astrohaus And Tap Into Your Creative Flow

Free Traveler Typewriter

In a world filled with digital consumption, it can often feel like a chore to take the time to create art of our own. The second we motivate ourselves to sit down and write our next great story or business plan, our phone dings with a notification and we’re suddenly sucked back into endless scroll.

The Freewrite Traveler from Astrohaus aims to eliminate distractions for writers by making it a device that literally can only be used to write. The digital typewriter contains no internet browser, no email, and no notification.

Take $100 Off The Freewrite Traveler From Astrohaus And Tap Into Your Creative Flow

Think of it as an advanced form of a typewriter. Born to do one thing exceptionally well, Freewrite is unable to do anything else except serve as the best distraction-free device for writing on the market.

Imagine the creative flow you could tap into if you were able to kickstart your writing process even with just 20 minutes of silence?

The Freewrite Traveler is incredibly portable and easy to take on the road. It holds its charge for up to 4 weeks—yes, weeks—and it measures 11.3″ x 5″ x 0.97″. Perhaps our favorite design feature is the E ink screen with zero glare.

Free Traveler Typewriter

As far as memory goes, The Freewrite will hold over 1 million pages of drafts and continually autosave in the background onto internal flash storage as you write. What’s great is you can easily backup drafts to the cloud via wifi connection.

You can shop The Freewrite Traveler for over $100 off its retail price right now. If you snag it today you will also get free U.S. shipping and free 90-day returns.

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