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Get 50% Off Your First 3-Months Of Keeps When You Select A Curated Hair Loss Treatment Plan

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When it comes to hair loss treatment, Keeps is crushing it. Their slogan, “Hair Loss Stops With Us,” holds up thanks to their dedication in formulating clinically-proven treatments that are delivered straight to your door.

Keeps offers products like thickening shampoos and conditioners, prescription tablets, topical solutions, and more to create a hair loss treatment plan unique to every individual. Right now Keeps is offering 50% off the first 3-months of their treatment plans.


Keeps will set you up with a free online consultation with a doctor. The doctor will properly diagnose, recommend, and deliver a treatment plan while you sit in the comfort of your own home. You’ll also have access to your doctor via the online messaging portal which gives you the ability to contact your doctor on your schedule, plus access to Keep’s care consultants in case you have any questions along the way.

Keeps Curated Treatment Plans

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Keeps recently rolled out several exclusive 6 and 12-month treatment plans in addition to their quarterly subscription. If you already know what treatment plan you want you can directly subscribe to and a doctor will review your order to make sure it’s right for you.

If you’re not so sure which one to pick, you can take the online doctor consultation, and they will help you pick the treatment plan that’s best for your situation

What’s awesome is Keeps is offering a whopping 50% off the first 3-months of their treatment plans right now. You can claim this offer here below.


Our 3 Favorite Exclusive Treatment Plans From Keeps

To give you an idea of what types of clinically-proven Keeps treatments you can subscribe to, we selected 3 of them below that also qualify for the 50% off the first 3 months’ offer.

Best for Overall Thinning Hair

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This plan is curated for the individual experiencing overall hair loss from the hairline, the crown, and anywhere else. What Keeps does is implement a two-step solution to stop hair loss and encourage hair regrowth.

One of the products you’ll get in this package is Minoxidil, a solution that helps grow thicker, more full hair. Keeps notes many individuals can “expect results in as little as 3-4 months.”

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You’ll be able to choose from either a dropper solution or foam solution of Minoxidil that you rub into your scalp.

The next step in the Overal Thinning Hair package is a prescription pill called Finasteride. According to Keeps, Finasteride works by “blocking the production of DHT, a hormone that causes male pattern baldness.”


Best for Thinning at the Crown

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For those who have hair thinning at the crown, this package includes a treatment of just Minoxidil. Similar to the Overall Thinning Hair package, you’ll be able to choose between the dropper or the foam type.

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Pictured above is what the foam Minoxidil solution looks like. You can refer back to the Minoxidil dropper in the section above to compare which Minoxidil type would work best.


Best for Receding Hairline

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For those with a receding hairline, Keeps offers a treatment of a Finasteride daily prescription tablet. This is the same pill you get in the Overall Thinning Hair Package, as Keeps tells the Finasteride will specifically help “prevent the spread of receding hairlines and boost hair regrowth.”

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You’ll receive 90 tablets in this package, one to take each day!


Staying Ahead of Hair Loss

Keeps works to provide quality, FDA-approved products so individuals can stay ahead of hair loss. According to Keeps, they’ve found most men will see results in as little as 4-6 months with consistent use. Keeps’ treatments are also clinically proven to be “90% effective at stopping hair loss and 66% of men experience regrowth.”


Sign up for one of Keeps exclusive treatment plans now and get your first 3 months for 50% off, delivered straight to your door!

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