This Hand Grenade Screwdriver Set Is The Bomb Even If Your Handy Skills Are A Dud

Grenade Screwdriver

Your tool box has actual, real, big boy tools. Around the house, or apartment, is where you keep the quick tools. The handy things that help get a quick job done.

This Kikkerland CD06 Grenade Screwdriver Set is perfect for quick screw jobs (just like your mom) and will get even some bigger jobs done.

“Hand Grenade Screwdriver Set Tool set inside grenade includes driver, small, medium, and large sized Phillips and flathead-style bits to help you do the twist on all your screwy projects. It’s simple — just pop the red grenade top off, undo latch on side of grenade, open, insert the driver into the top of grenade and insert strong magnetic tip into the top of the driver! Discreet, cleaver and easy! A creative and unique spin on your regular screwdriver set. The seven piece set is secretly hidden inside the compact grenade! Tips are held in by a strong magnet- easy to use and hold.”

For $10, can you really go wrong? Pull the pin on buying one NOW!