I Wore A Grunt Style T-Shirt To Patriotic Festival In Norfolk And I’ve Never Received More Compliments

Men wearing Grunt Style shirts at Patriotic Festival in Norfolk, Virigina

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I’m not just any man, I’m a man of principle. To me, steak is medium rare or a mistake. Vinyl records don’t just play music, they perform it, eclipsing any phone’s streaming capabilities. And breaking a sweat? It’s not just for a fit physique – it’s the key to a sharp, healthy mind.

Another iron-clad belief? That a great t-shirt can be the ultimate conversation starter.

It helps you stand out in a sea of strangers, like a billboard that attracts high fives and polite conversation. It’s a simple outfit upgrade that shouts, “Hey! Here I am! Let’s find common ground and chat!”

Well, friends, I’m here to tell you how my current favorite Grunt Style t-shirt did exactly that.

Listen up, folks. Picture this: Memorial Day Weekend, The Patriotic Festival in Norfolk, Virginia. Among the sea of cowboy boots and cut-off flannel, there I was, standing as tall as I could at 5’8″ in my Grunt Style “I’ll Smoke That” t-shirt. Here at BroBible, it’s one of our personal Grunt Style favorites for the summer (which you can use code ‘BROBIBLE20’ for 20% off your order).

And let me tell you, that single piece of attire did more than just cover my back – it shouted a message, told a story, became a symbol. It transformed an ordinary day at a music festival into an extraordinary memory. It didn’t just fit a burly bearded fellow like me – for an evening, it defined me.

Grunt Style "I'd Smoke That" pork BBQ t-shirt

Look, there’s nothing I love more than some low and slow smoked meats. Beef brisket, pork shoulder, pork butt, baby back ribs, beef ribs. I like it all.

There’s a common joke that once you turn 35 and start to mellow into middle age, you can only pick one of three hobbies to go all-in on: golf, civil way history, or smoking meat. Well, consider me the carnivore that doubled down on outdoor cooking, as you can see from above. There’s nothing I love more than an old-fashioned backyard cookout.

And based on the reactions I received wearing the Grunt Style “I’ll Smoke That” t-shirt at Patrotic Festival, I’m far from alone! It tickled many-a funny bone, a sort of icebreaker with friendly strangers about our favorite pork dishes, including my personal favorite – irresistible baby back ribs, slathered in a tangy sauce. This shirt was met with all kinds of questions, like “hey, where did you get that?”, of which the answer was always the same: GruntStyle.com.


This shirt was like a secret weapon in the wardrobe to transform an evening of country music into a hootenanny of hilarity and hollering.

Plus, it looks darn good with the brand new Grunt Style Maritime Mid Boot, of which I’ve been wearing a lot in the Coyote colorway lately.


Grunt Style at The Patriotic Festival 2023

For three days straight, Grunt Style lived it up at Patriotic Festival. As your humble BroBible correspondent, I was embedded with the crew to party like a patriot for the weekend. It was an unforgettable weekend of shenanigans and all things red, white, and badass – a proper start to Summer 2023.

For starters, they hooked up Club Grunt Style members with a select VIP experience that includes food and beverages – a nice membership perk, in addition to free expedited shipping and their exclusive monthly t-shirt that can ONLY be bought via a Club Grunt Style membership. There were also pre-show concerts each day to get the motors running for the evening.

If you missed the event, it’s not too late to benefit – You can currently try a month of Club Grunt Style for free using PATRIOTICFEST.


Club Grunt Style shirts

Also at Patriotic Festival, there were major perks for loyal Grunt Style customers who swung by their booth in Norfolk’s Scope Arena throughout the weekend. Don’t believe me? The receipts are in the Instagram comments:

Grunt Style Instagram comments

Perhaps the most unforgettable part of the weekend? When The Grunt Style team took the stage between sets to fire-off free shirts and capes. Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?


#sponsored – Great hangs with the @GruntStyle crew at Norfolk’s patrioticfestival.

♬ Traveling On – Andy Gabrys

Grunt Style capped this off by leading the crowd in the 4 Toast Salute in front of 15,000 people, honoring those who have fallen defending our Freedom. It’s a proud Grunt Style tradition that represents just one of the ways Grunt Style is so much more than a t-shirt company.

As we told you about a couple weeks ago here on BroBible, every Friday before heading home, the Grunt Style team raises a toast to honor the military in four parts:

  1. To those who served. “We honor those who came before us and those who shared unknown battlefields with us.”
  2. To those who supported us while we served. “No one survives a battlefield without a home to return to, and a Nation that honors them.”
  3. To those who continue to carry the torch of freedom. “We honor our heroes out in the freezing rain in the darkest corners of the world in defense of our Nation.”
  4. To those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and never made it home. “We honor them and bear the weight of their sacrifice. The responsibility of safeguarding freedom for generations yet to come.”

Here’s what it looked like from the stage:

Wrapping it up

All things considered, a five star weekend to start the summer. If you’re looking to make friends at a throwdown this summer and all about showing off your pride in self, military, and country, get yourself some Grunt Style gear, stat.

You’re always in good company when you’re wearing something fresh from Grunt Style.

Don’t miss our curated list of BroBible x Grunt Style favorites for the summer (and, remember, code ‘BROBIBLE20’ for 20% off your order!). They also have Grunt Style E-Card now, where you can add a value of up to $500, or a Club Grunt Style subscription for three months, six months, or annually.


Grunt Style E-Gift Card

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