Here Are The Best lululemon Alternatives For Men You Should Know About

Best lululemon Alternatives for Men

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We all love our performance wear from lululemon. In a lot of ways, the Canada-based brand is in a league of its own. Everything from their sweats and shorts to tees and polos has ultimate comfort and breathability.

Our favorite lululemon apparel also shows off those gains we’ve been crushing the gym for.

Best lululemon Alternatives for Men

If you’re looking for lululemon alternatives, the chances are (1) you’re burnt on all the lulu you’ve acquired, or (2) you’re looking for performance wear at a more wallet-friendly price—because let’s be real, those receipts can add up.

Instead of just throwing a handful of generic activewear apparel brands at you (like Nike and adidas), we went the extra mile and dug for a wide range of independent brands that are true lululemon alternatives. Then, we broke down lulu’s best-sellers and found the clothing equivalent from said brands—think of each garment as the doppelganger to the lululemon version.

Some of the lululemon alternative garments are cheaper than its counterpart, others hover around the same price. What you get from each recommendation is a garment that’s slightly different but still delivers on high quality and performance.

Men’s Brands Similar to lululemon

For example, we’ve got a Linksoul Aldo Polo swapped in for a lululemon Evolution Polo. The Aldo Polo is made more with cotton, yet it still provides moisture-wicking and ample stretch.

Or for joggers, we’ve got the Marine Layer Yoga Jogger to replace lulu’s At Ease Jogger. The Yoga Jogger is a little bit less in price and also delivers more on comfort—it’s made for yoga, after all.

For starters, here is a list of the men’s brands similar to lululemon that we’re pulling from in this guide.

  • Vuori
  • Fourlaps
  • TravisMathew
  • Ten Thousand
  • Rhone
  • Linksoul
  • Proof
  • Marine Layer

Brands like lululemon You Should Try

Each of the eight brands we’re pulling from started in a similar way lululemon did—the original founder(s) sought to provide comfortable, well-fitting athleisure in some form.

Another way to put it is each brand started small and worked its way up to command its own slice of market share. Here’s a little information on each lululemon alternative we recommend you try.


Vuori might have the most star power out of the bunch thanks to several sightings of celebs wearing its gear. We’re talking about people like Harry Styles, Chris Pratt, and Zac Efron.

In terms of feel and quality, Vuori is almost in a league of its own. Similar to how almost no brand can mimic lululemon’s fabrics, the same is true for Vuori.

The California brand is best associated with casual wear, however, they also have awesome swimwear. For men, Vuori Kore Athletic Shorts are consistently considered some of the most comfortable shorts out there. For women, Vuori consistently produces posh, buttery-soft activewear that many consider better than the fabrics used by lululemon.



Founded by Daniel Shapiro, a fashion industry pro, Fourlaps was created to provide stylish athletic apparel with only the best features. The brand’s designs have a modern prep feel—you can tell a garment is Fourlaps thanks to its signature red, white, and blue tag.

Fourlaps clothes have one of the highest range of stretch compared to the other brands in this list. The brand also utilizes a proprietary 37.5 technology in its garments to vent heat in warm conditions and trap heat when it’s cold.

If there’s one activity we like Fourlaps for first it’s running.


Also known as TM, TravisMathew has been making major waves in the industry in the past two years. Everything from their polos, shorts, tees, hats, accessories, and more is made from top-tier fabrics and materials.

TravisMathew started out as a brand first associated with golfers, but now it’s expanded into a full lifestyle brand. TM has a number of celebrity partnerships to help showcase how versatile and dependable the clothes are.

TravisMathew does golf apparel well, but consider the brand great for casual wear.


Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand is a tried-and-true athleisure brand built for those who are engaged in high activity. From trail running to Crossfit, Ten Thousand is all about fabric strength and response.

The New York City-based brand is often associated with high performance.

We see Ten Thousand as a brand built for those who prioritize an active lifestyle, with hobbies like outdoor running, weightlifting, rock-climbing, and more.



Founded in Connecticut by two brothers, Nate and Ben Checketts, and three of their best friends, Rhone is a brand that combines the active lifestyle with versatile everyday garments.

Rhone uses sustainable fabrics and ethical manufacturing practices to create everything from workout shorts to casual long sleeve henley tees.

While all of the brands in this roundup are versatile in ways to wear, Rhone is at the top of the list. We see them best for everyday wear.



Similar to how TravisMathew started out as a golf apparel brand, the same is true for Linksoul. You can notice West Coast influence in the colors used and the cut on its shirts and shorts—perfectly tapered with a little bit of room to move around.

Linksoul does everything from golf polos and pants to swimwear (to footwear even!).

Yet the brand is best attributed to golf and the golfer’s lifestyle. If that speaks to you, then you’ll like them the most out of the other brands in this guide.


Proof is a lifestyle clothing brand sold exclusively through Huckberry. The brand is heavily influenced by the outdoors, which leads Proof to utilizing durable fabrics and materials in everything it makes.

One of those garments is its 72-Hour merino wool shirt and long sleeves. The soft wool is perfect for extended periods of travel—and yes, the shirts can be worn for three days straight.

This is a lululemon alternative for those who spend a lot of time doing activities like traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, and more.

Marine Layer

Founded by two friends Kelly and Adam, Marine Layer was started to create the perfect shirt. Fast forward to today and the brand is one of the best at custom fabric blends—the clothes are probably some of the softest and stretchiest out of the brands on this list.

Marine Layer exudes vintage West Coast energy with its simple designs and warm colors.

We see the brand worn best with toned-down, casual outfits.

Short Sleeve Tee: Proof 72-Hour Merino Tee 

It’s true the 72-Hour Merino Tee lasts 72 hours and is made of fine Merino. What a great title, right?

This alternative comes down to a matter of preference. If you want a more traditional tee but you still enjoy high-quality fabrics, the Merino Tee is an excellent alternative.

You’re going to get features like temperature-regulating, anti-odor technology, sweat-wicking, and moisture-wicking.

Proof’s t-shirt is a tinge more expensive, but it can be worn with everyday outfits and with outfits for outdoor activity.

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Compared to: lululemon Fundamental Tee

Sweatpants: Fourlaps Equip Pant Slim

The Equip Pant Slim is currently offered in nine different colors and made with a blend of recycled nylon and spandex. The pants are cut in an athletic fit, so they’re excellently for wearing to the gym and casually whichever you choose.

Features of the sweats include a 4-way stretch, an interior cellphone pocket, side pockets, and a rear zippered pocket.

We liken these sweats to the lululemon ABC Jogger. What the Equip Pant Slim offers is a lower price point (about $30 less) and a sportier aesthetic.

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Compared to: lululemon ABC Jogger

Polo Shirt: Linksoul Aldo Polo

I look at my polos as a set-it-and-forget-it type garment. I find one type of polo I like really well and stick with it.

Linksoul’s Aldo Polo has a similar price as lululemon’s Evolution Polo but Aldo has a more cotton-like feel. The West Coast lifestyle golf brand does a great job at keeping its polos breathable and lightweight.

When compared to Evolution, the Aldo is better at holding shape and not looking as sleek and tech-like. This makes it so I can pair the Aldo more easily with my jeans and chinos.

With lulu’s comparison, you kind of have to have a tech pant or tech short to match it.

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Compared to: lululemon Evolution Polo Short Sleeve

Everyday Pant: TravisMathew Open To Close Pant

TM’s Open To Close Pant is a 5-pocket pant made for everyday wear. They’re made with 100% polyester and feature wrinkle resistance and 4-way stretch.

In a lot of ways, the Open To Close Pant shares a lot of similarities with the ABC Pant. It’s true a lot of lulu fans like the ABC Pants warpstream fabric that includes lycra for stretch. For those that don’t care for it as much, Open To Close has a similar price point and nearly identical silhouette as the ABC.

However, TM’s pant offers a wide array of colors that are more in line with casual styling while ABC’s colors lean more toward tech-pant.

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Compared to: lululemon ABC Pant

Short: Ten Thousand Interval Short

The Pace Breaker Short is one of lululemon’s all-time best-sellers, so it was hard finding an alternative for such a good product.

Ten Thousand’s Interval Short is up for the challenge though. You can choose from three different inseams, but we like the medium-length 7-inch inseam because as hits right above the knee. In terms of price point, the two garments are the same, but the Interval Short has a more comfortable waistband and a tougher shell fabric.

Interval is a viable option for all types of physical activity, and it’s especially great at taking on high-intensity workouts.

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Compared to: lululemon Pace Breaker Short

Hoodie: Rhone Spar Full-Zip Hoodie

Rhone’s Full-Zip Hoodie is about the same price as lululemon’s City Sweat Zip Hoodie. The two main differences I like with the Rhone hoodie though is the fabric is (1) the fabric is softer and stretchier, and (2) it has a more traditional hood opening.

The City Sweat Zip Hoodie has one of those hood openings that fits snug around your entire face. Some people like that, but if you’re looking for a classic zip-up jacket silhouette with the same level of comfort and performance then Rhone’s is a solid alternative.

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Compared to: lululemon City Sweat Zip Hoodie

Jogger Sweatpant: Marine Layer Yoga Jogger

Paired against lululemon’s At Ease Jogger, the Yoga Jogger is going to deliver more on stretch and hover around $30 cheaper.

Both joggers are great for lounging on the couch and for wearing to the gym. This alternative comes down to what you get for the price. I believe you get more with your dollar with Marine Layer’s jogger.

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Compared to: lululemon At Ease Jogger

Long Sleeve Tee: Vuori Long-Sleeve Strato Tech Tee

Vuori has been gaining ground fast over the past two years. If there was one way to distinguish Vuori from lululemon, it’d be Vuori is more West coast inspired while lululemon in more rooted in the Pacific Northwest.

Vuori’s Long-Sleeve Strato Tech Tee has a more traditional collar and overall silhouette compared to lulu’s Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve.

The Strato’s design makes it so you can wear the tee more casually outside of the gym. Think of it fitting like a cotton long sleeve tee but made from performance fabric. Oh, it’s also $30 less than lululemon’s comparison.

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Compared to: lululemon Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0

Tank Tops: DEVOPS 3 Pack Sleeveless Dri Fit Gym Tank (Amazon)

We couldn’t ignore tank tops. Lululemon’s tanks are known to be some of the best out there, but when it comes down to it a tank doesn’t need to be over $50.

Best lululemon Alternatives for Men

That’s why we saved our best Amazon lululemon dupe for here. DEVOPS tanks are certified best sellers made with 100% polyester that’s moisture-wicking.

For $23 you get three tanks, which is why this is an alternative you should definitely opt for if you want to save some moola.

Keep this one a secret, or else you run the risk of social media attacking the number of stock availability on these.

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