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Hims Is Here To Make Sure Your Manhood Keeps ‘Up’ As You Get Older

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This year is a big year for me: I turn 30 AND I get married. That’s a lot of changes in one year, but hey, that’s adulthood. Men have to deal with these changes and a lot more, especially as they get older. Sometimes those changes can be…a little embarrassing. You want to stay young forever, but it’s wishful thinking. That’s where Hims comes in.

Hims wants to help you with all of the sensitive health concerns that you have, from hair loss to mental health to skincare. There’s no shame in dealing with any of these things, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t address them. One of the most sensitive (and intimate) problems? Keeping it up. Yeah, you read that right.


Hims for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

FACT: ED affects about 30 million men in the US (Source).

Bedroom issues can strain your relationship, ding up your self-worth, and inject unnecessary anxiety that follows you out of the bedroom. The potential apprehension you feel from seeking help pales in comparison to the downside of living with it unchecked.

Seeking help has never been simpler or more cost-effective.

Hims connects you to expert medical providers online who can evaluate and prescribe clinically proven treatment options from the comfort of your own home. No appointments, no doctor’s office visits, no embarrassing conversations sitting on that weird paper in the exam room.

Hims offers both generic and name-brand meds with options that you only take when needed or that you take daily so you don’t have to plan ahead. Whatever your situation, take comfort in knowing that Hims offers FDA-approved options to fit your needs.

hims pills generic for Viagra for erectile dysfunction

Head over to Hims today and get your mojo back.


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