7 Easy Holiday Gift Ideas For Guys Who Work Out

holiday fitness gift ideas for men

As we march towards Christmas and the holidays I wanted to give you guys the best gift ideas of the year. The theme of this quick holiday gift guide is shopping for a guy who’s into fitness. Whether that means they’re training for an IronMan or they like to work up a sweat at home, or perhaps it’s just a gift for someone who is thinking about getting back in the gym

Whatever the case is, we’ve got some quick and easy gift ideas for guys who workout. First up is the TRX Training Mat. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? This TRX mat is ideal for floor exercises at home when you don’t want to mess up your floors. You can use it for planks, burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, and you could probably even use it for yoga if that’s what you’re into. At only 425, this is a great affordable gift option for guys who workout.

holiday fitness gift ideas for men

The TRX Buddy Lee Jump Rope is vital for a well-rounded workout at home. This rope has a patented swivel-bearing system that reduces drag as you workout. The lightweight PVC rope gives you a fluid and tangle-free rotation during your work. This is a great gift idea for guys who workout at home.

I’ve been very much loving Vuori as a high-performance brand and the Vuori Ease Performance 1/2 Zip is a perfect layer that you can wear before, during, and after a workout. It’s made with a moisture-wicking and quick-drying construction to keep the sweat away. It has a 4-way stretch so you have a full range of movement regardless of which exercise you’re doing (Golf? CrossFit? Benching? etc). Honestly, if you’re looking for two items in this roundup that guys will love I’d go with this half-zip and the accompanying pants because they look, fit, and feel great.

holiday fitness gift ideas for men

The Vuori Transit Joggers are designed for warming up and cooling down, traveling, lounging, running errands, and whatever else life throws your way. The woven performance fabric is brushed for extra comfort and they have dual side + a rear zip pocket for storage. The crotch gusset gives you an added range of motion over typical pants like these. Check ’em out!

The Morph Bravo – Collapsible Foam Roller trek model has a smooth rolling surface and multi-level foam which will help to isolate those knots in aching muscles and easily work them out. It quickly expands for easy use and contracts for easy storage. The foam knubs were specifically designed to help you relieve your body’s trigger points and knead out your sore muscles.

holiday fitness gift ideas for men

Now, if you’re living an active lifestyle AND you place a lot of value in premium sound quality then you simply won’t find a better option right now than the Jaybird Vista Truly Wireless Earbuds. These 100% wireless earbuds are perfect for working up a sweat because they’re also water and sweatproof in construction. These earbuds sit comfortably in your ears and offer spectacularly true sound. You can take phone calls with them, use the app to toggle settings if you want, and they come with a travel + charging case that will give you 10 extra hours of battery life. Check ’em out!

Last up is the Hydro Flask 32 oz. Insulated Water Bottle. This one’s pretty obvious. The more water you drink, the more hydrated you will be. And the more hydrated your body is the better and healthier you will feel. It’s not rocket science. With this bottle, you’ll be encouraging yourself (or whoever) to drink more water each day and that’ll lead to immediate benefits.

Let’s check out those items one more time. You can shop the full collection or pick and choose your favorites by following any of the product links underneath the image below.

holiday fitness gift ideas for men

[1] TRX Training Mat [$25]

[2] TRX Buddy Lee Jump Rope [$35]

[3] Vuori Ease Performance 1/2 Zip [$76]

[4] Vuori Transit Jogger [$89]

[5] Morph Bravo – Collapsible Foam Roller [$68]

[6] Jaybird Vista Truly Wireless Earbuds [$180]

[7] Hydro Flask 32 oz. Insulated Water Bottle [$40]

I’ll be publishing a ton of 2019 holiday gift guides in the coming days but if you’re looking for more options RIGHT NOW then you can check out our roundup of holiday gift guides by following that link.

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