How Winning a National Championship Gets an Eat Clean Bro Meal Named After You

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Remember back in 2013, when everyone couldn’t stop saying “started from the bottom, now we’re here.” I’ve always wondered how do you know when you’re “here”. A few more zeros in the bank account? Or a video clip that goes viral on Instagram? Sure, maybe, but it seems like everyone and their mom has done that by now.

That got me thinking. Once you’ve got a meal named after you, that’s when you’ve truly made it “here”. You’ve seen it at sandwich shops and local restaurants, all paying homage to athletes and celebs from the area. Only those who started from the bottom and remained committed get a sandwich or special combination named after them. I mean, truly what an accomplishment, especially when it’s a best seller.

One great story of this comes from Jamie Giovinazzo, founder and president of a meal delivery service called Eat Clean Bro. As a Jersey wrestler and avid supporter, Jamie cooked for the Rutgers wrestling team. During that time, an injured Anthony Ashnault convinced Jamie to name a meal after him if he ever won the national championship. Lo and behold, the following year Ashnault won the NCAA championship. From sideline to national championship, talk about starting from the bottom. If the national title wasn’t enough, Ashnault’s got a whole meal named after him to back it up.

It gets even better knowing Jamie went through his own trials and tribulations along the path to creating Eat Clean Bro. Just a hard working bro doing what he loves. That’s what determination is all about. Talking to our guys on the Endless Hustle podcast, here’s Eat Clean Bro Founder and President sharing his favorite story about naming one of his meals.

Winning a national championship after being sidelined for a whole season due to injury, now that’s an impressive accomplishment. The taste of victory must be almost as good as the combination of salmon, orzo, and asparagus in Ashnault’s Eat Clean Bro meal.

What is Eat Clean Bro?

As a premier meal delivery service, Eat Clean Bro gives you full control over how you want to utilize their delicious meals.

  1. You Pick: With no subscriptions or contracts, you can pick whatever you want to be delivered whenever you want
  2. They Cook: And they clean up! Eat Clean Bro meals are fresh and never frozen. Chef prepared, nutritionist-approved
  3. Fast Delivery: Next day delivery options are available. Go ahead and order by 11:59 p.m. today and get it by tomorrow

Craving a healthy and delicious steak meal? Eat Clean Bro has your back. Want a turkey dish mixed with power greens and nutrients? They’ve got that, too. Or want something vegetarian that still packs plenty of taste? Try one of the beyond meals on the Eat Clean Bro menu.

Look, there are plenty of meal delivery services to choose from, but why not support one that knows what they’re doing. I mean, you could even become a national champion, case and point with Anthony Ashnault. And Eat Clean Bro meals are beyond delicious, while still being healthy for you. So take your entire lifestyle to the top with Eat Clean Bro providing you the convenience and quality you need.


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