INNOVA Gives The Car Junkie On Your Holiday List Peace Of Mind With An In-Depth Mobile Experience

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There’s nothing like having a little peace of mind anytime you sit behind the wheel of a car, hoping that all goes smoothly as you navigate the roads. Unfortunately, car issues happen, with people expecting the worst any time the “Check Engine” light occurs on their dashboard.

Imagine being able to figure out the problem on the spot without the help of a mechanic. With INNOVA’s RepairSolutions2 App and their CarScan Mobile 1000, you now live in that world.


Ideal for a holiday gift this year, INNOVA is a leading supplier of test equipment and diagnostic reporting for car drivers, helping millions of people identify issues before they get too big — or too expensive. And with the RepairSolutions2 App and CarScan Mobile 1000, you can quickly navigate any issues with your car from the touch of your mobile phone, making sure it runs smoothly.

Whether you’re a gear head, car enthusiast or just a normal guy, INNOVA has the tools you need for peace of mind whenever that “Check Engine” light flashes. And thanks to INNOVA’s tutorial videos and step-by-step guides, you can tackle the problems all on your own, saving you time and money that’d otherwise be wasted on a mechanic.

Take a look below at how the RepairSolutions2 App and CarScan Mobile 1000 actually work, along with some of the key features that make it a must-have for any DIY-er this holiday season.

How INNOVA’s RepairSolutions2 App Works

Key Features

  • RepairSolutions2 pairs seamlessly with INNOVA’s latest generation of diagnostic tools, scan tools and code readers to deliver the only complete solution from diagnosis to fix.
  • FREE access to over 60 million fix solutions that are verified and cross-referenced for accuracy by INNOVA’s nationwide team of ASE Master Technicians.
  • Do it yourself – Identify and purchase all the needed parts for the job in the app through your favorite online retailers.
  • Keep on top of Scheduled Maintenance with an easy way to track and monitor your vehicle’s requirements.
  • Use Predicted Repairs to know what might be around the corner using RepairSolutions2’s advanced database.


How INNOVA’s CarScan Mobile 1000 Works

Key Features

  • POWERFUL APP INTEGRATION: Works seamlessly with INNOVA’s suite of automotive based apps (RepairSolutions2, Gauged).
  • ABS/SRS: Diagnose the braking and safety systems of most 1996 and newer (most makes and models supported).
  • ALL SYSTEM NETWORK SCAN: Comprehensively read and clear ECU modules and their trouble codes.
  • LIVE DATA: See key information about your vehicle in real time (e.g. RPM, Oil Temp, etc.) to aid in diagnosis.


According to the CarMD Vehicle Health Index, which analyzed more than 15.9 million failures and recommended repairs for vehicles in the U.S. last year, these are the five most common problems when that “Check Engine” light comes on.

  • Catalytic Converter
  • Replace Oxygen Sensor(s)
  • Replace Ignition Coil(s) and Spark Plug(s)
  • Inspect for Loose Fuel Cap and Tighten or Replace as necessary
  • Replace Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor

Imagine taking your car into a mechanic for a loose fuel cap. With INNOVA, now you won’t have to, as you’ll be able to diagnose the simple problem (and solution) all in the comfort of your own garage. No more headaches. No more hassle. No more big bills from a repair shop.


The holidays are the perfect time to get the car junkie, gear head or techy a new toy to play with. With INNOVA, he or she will be able to have on-the-go assistance should they run into any car issues, not only identifying the problem, but having the guide to fix it themselves.


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