These Knee-High, Neon Orange KD8 Elites That Kevin Durant’s Wearing Are A Little Too Funky For Me

by 3 years ago


Nike has always been known to push the limits with their gear, but the knee-high, neon orange KD8 Elites that Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant was seen wearing during shoot-around prior to a game against the Utah Jazz are…well, wow!

Durant, who has been known to wear low-tops over the past few seasons, went full WWE-like, opting with some shoes that look more like boots, with the extra high sock coming just a few inches from the bottom of his knees—which Nike debuted last month.

The designer of the shoe, Leo Chang, talked a little bit about the concept, announcing that he was trying to “blend the tight that he (Durant) normal wears in sock or shoe … literally integrate all that together into one product — so that it almost feels seamless where you don’t know where the next layer starts.”

I’m not a huge fan of these things, but, shit, if they make me stroke it as smooth as Kevin Durant does, I could live with looking like a Cowboy in boots than a basketball player.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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