Lazareth E Wazuma Quad Isn’t A Bad Way To Get Around This Summer

How were you going to get around this summer? A bike? A car? Walk? Don’t be stupid. You need a quad. You need THIS quad.

Ditching the traditional petrol-powered engine in favor of an electric drivetrain, the propulsion system for the build is in the rear, with two 30 kW motors driving the two rear wheels. As one would expect, the drivetrain has almost zero lag, so right from the get-go you’ll feel the power and torque behind this powerful quad. Speaking of which, the 361 lb-ft of torque the Wazuma puts out isn’t at a particular RPM; its electric motor produces this torque right off the idle. Though the E-Wazuma is only a prototype at the moment, Ludovic claims these vehicles could be built for the road without substantial effort. No word on pricing yet. However, we’d be weary on riding a bike that produces 361 lb-ft of torque right off the bat.

But yeah sure, have fun on your two-wheeler with the bell on the handle.

[via HiConsumption]

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