Photos Of The New Xbox One S Leaked Before Microsoft’s E3 Presentation And It Looks Glorious

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Today Microsoft will be holding their annual keynote at the E3 conference and this year’s presentation will focus on the future of the Xbox, specifically the all new Xbox One S that Microsoft was poised to unveil. Just hours before Microsoft was set to take the stage (today at 12:30pm EST, 9:30am PST) photos of the all new Xbox One S leaked and began to spread like wildfire on the Internet.

So what can we glean from these leaked images ahead of Microsoft’s official unveiling of the Xbox One S? For starters the all new Xbox One S is about 40% thinner than the current version of the Xbox One, which is obvious from these images even without looking at a side-by-side comparison. Secondly, the all new Xbox One S will support 4k video, something that Xbox gamers have been clamoring for. Lastly, in these leaked images the orientation for the all new Xbox One S appears to show it standing vertically, meaning that this could change your home theater/gaming system layout entirely.

Here are the leaked Xbox One S images, via neogaf.

Leaked Images Of The Microsoft Xbox One S Gaming Console

According to Kotaku, the Xbox One S was codenamed ‘Edmonton’, and it is expected that this new iteration of the Xbox One gaming system will hit the market later this Summer, sometime around August.

Microsoft did issue an official statement regarding the leak of these Xbox One S images, and it’s one that you wouldn’t really expect from a company like Microsoft. In fact, it looks more like something I’d tweet than the official statement of a multi-billion-dollar corporation:



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