Adidas Smoked Every Other Sneaker Brand On Instagram In 2015, They Even Destroyed Nike


In the ‘Shoe Company Instagram Following Game of Thrones’ (that’s totally a thing, I swear) Adidas wiped the floor with every competitor in 2015, and it wasn’t even close to being close, it was an absolute slaughtering. Adidas demolished Nike, they completely emasculated Jumpman23, and they beat Reebok and Puma so badly it’s almost sad even mentioning those two shoe brands in this conversation.
When it came to Instagram likes/follows in 2015, Adidas Originals was in a class of its own.

In the world of shoes Adidas Originals came Dan Freebairn collaborated with KickPosters to map out how all the major sneaker brands did on Instagram in 2015, and as you can see below Adidas Originals has no competition on the ‘gram:

As you can see Adidas Originals topped everyone with 78.8 million likes in 2015, Nike snuck in at #3 with only 30 million likes.

Complex Magazine actually has a pretty good explanation as to why Adidas Originals came in at #1 in most categories and smoked the the competition, so if you’re interested in the ‘why’ of this then I suggest clicking on over! And for those of you bros that aren’t following Adidas Originals on Instagram yet you can find them by CLICKING HERE (also, you should follow BroBible on Instagram because I post the pics myself and they’re glorious).

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