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It’s that time of the year again: back to school season. With the uncertainty of in-person or online classes, Myprotein wants to make sure you have all your supplement needs along with some fresh new looks.

With classes having been online, maintaining healthy nutrition habits has definitely become more difficult. And with the possibility of returning to campus, removing that Freshman 15, or even preventing it, is crucial to having you feel your best.

It’s easy to slack on the gym routine over the summer. Trust me, I know. And my Netflix account and Xbox know all too well. Thankfully, the new school year is always a fresh start. So whether you’ve stayed consistent all summer long or plan on getting back into the rhythm this fall, like me, Myprotein has you covered. From nutrition with protein/supplements to Back to School clothing and accessories, Myprotein will have you feeling and looking good.

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Here are some of the basics to get you started with Myprotein.

Back to School Nutrition


Getting yourself out of a slump is difficult. And especially with classes starting up, finding the energy to hit the gym can be so tough.

THE Preworkout ThermoTHE Coffee BoostTHE Preworkout

Myprotein offers several pre-workouts to help you focus on what you need most. THE Pre-Thermo helps burns fat with effective thermogenic ingredients, while THE Coffee Boost promotes sustained focus without the jitters. And if you’re looking for the standard, every-day, pre-workout, THE Pre-Workout is guaranteed to push you the extra mile.

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And we can’t talk about nutrition and working out without discussing the OG supplement in muscle building and recovery: protein.

Clear Whey IsolateImpact Whey ProteinVegan Blend Protein

Once you’ve gotten back into the grind at the gym, you’ll surely want to increase your protein intake to build some muscle mass. Myprotein offers an insane variety of protein powders to choose from. Myprotein has the right protein for your routine whether you’re looking for vegan, lactose free or gluten free, or just looking for a lighter alternative like their best-selling, fruity Clear Whey Isolate.

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Protein Snacks

Myprotein Layered BarsMyprotein ChipsMyprotein Crispy Wafers

For those moments when you’re rushing to class late or cramming for an exam, snacks are a real life saver in college. And Myprotein has a wide assortment of protein snacks that includes layered bars, wafers, brownies, and even chips. With flavors like Birthday Cake, Chocolate Brownie, and Cookies and Cream, they’re not only good for you, but delicious too.

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Command Nootopic Tub

Considering the possibility of continued online classes, staring at your computer screen for the entire day is more and more likely. Whether you’re gaming or researching a paper, staring at a screen for too long can result in brain fog and eye-strain.

Myprotein Command Nootropic

Thankfully, Myprotein has you covered with the Command Nootropic. Designed to support eye health and reduce mental fatigue, this supplement for gamers is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as 500mg of the powerful nootropic, Cognizin. With Command, you can grind through those late study nights without succumbing to fatigue.

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Vitamins & Minerals

With classes starting and your schedule filling up, it’ll only get more difficult to get all the necessary nutrients to stay as healthy as can be. And no one is perfect. Everybody misses a day at the gym. Or maybe two… or three… or the whole week. But that’s not the point.

Essential Omega-3 SoftgelsDaily Multivitamin TabletsCalcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3

Your health and wellness is more than just building muscle. Ensuring your body has all the proper vitamins and minerals to keep chugging along is essential. And I think you’ve got it now, but Myprotein has it all. From Essential Omega-3 Softgels to Daily Multivitamin Tablets, they can make back to school as smooth as can be.

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However, Myprotein knows that in order to feel your best, making sure your body is right is only half the battle. Everyone knows that if you look good, you feel good. And that’s why Myprotein has the back to school gym clothing and accessories to get you looking your best while working out or on your rest days.

Back to School Fitness Apparel

Myprotein BTS Outfits

Once you’ve got your nutrition routine figured out and the necessary protein and supplements on the way, there’s just one last step to having you prepped for back to school. With the proper gym apparel and fresh new styles, back to school season will be a breeze.

Repeat MP Graphic T-Shirt

MP Repeat Graphic Short Sleeve T

No one comes close to matching Myprotein’s performance tech. Whatever your workout routine is, the Repeat MP Graphic T-Shirt will have you rest day or active ready. Made with soft-touch, cotton-rich fabric, you’ll stay comfort through any activity.

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MP Essential Sweatshorts

MP Essential Sweatshorts

Everyone’s got those key essential pieces to complete their wardrobe. The MP Essentials range is designed with the day-to-day in mind. And no better option than the soft-touch, cotton-rich Essential Sweatshorts. With a drawstring race and several color options, these sweatshorts will become a staple of your wardrobe.

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MP Adapt Backpack

MP Adapt Backpack

A blend of functionality and customization, the MP Adapt Backpack is the perfect gym bag. Whether you need to store your chalk ball, shoes, water bottles, laptops, or clothes, there’s compartments for it all. And the full quilted back, adjustable shoulder straps, and metal buckle all work together for maximum comfort and support.

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BroBible Back to School Exclusive

With the school year right around the corner, Myprotein wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get back into your own healthy routine. By offering variety of protein and supplements to keep your body healthy, you can stay focused on your studies. And with the added stress of the pandemic and school, there’s no reason to add a Freshman 15. Just head over to Myprotein and get yourself a fresh new fit for the exciting year to come. And right now…

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