Not Your Father’s Root Beer Coming In Hard And Increasing Alcohol In Each Bottle To A Ridiculous Level

If you’re unfamiliar with the root beer trend with beers these days, let me catch you up — beer makers now make root beer that will get you drunk. End of story. Wait, let me add that it tastes just like root beer and you often don’t realize “whoa I’m drunk off this soda pop” until it’s too late.

The leader in root beer beer is now upping the game and looking to make some women widows with a stronger version of their popular brew.

As Not Your Father’s Root Beer went from hard-to-find brew to shelf staple, true fans of the root beer beer have known of another version that was far harder to obtain: Not Your Father’s Root Beer 10.7%. Long a taproom exclusive, the stronger version of Not Your Father’s Root Beer is finally coming to bottles to make your root beer floats even boozier. As the name would suggest, this brew clocks in at 10.7% ABV, as opposed to the 5.9% alcohol by volume of the standard offering. Bottles will start showing up in Illinois next month and in most other states by fall.

It’s probably best your dad get his will in order and you as well.

[via Cool Material]

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