Oakley Sunglasses On Sale: Get 20% Off ALL New Arrivals From The Iconic Brand Right Now

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As the sun continues to shine down, and spring and summer finally make their way towards us, there’s one essential all of us need: a new pair of shades. But forget about the cheap sunglasses that keep breaking every few weeks (or getting lost somehow), and scoop an iconic pair this year: because Oakley Sunglasses is offering 20% off all new arrivals right now + FREE shipping!

Guys, this is a no-brainer: buy some Oakley shades.

Known for being the OG when it comes to action sports and outdoor eye protection, Oakley is making it easy AF for you to get a pair (or three) of your favorite styles — and they aren’t the ones on the sale rack at secondhand stores, either.

So whether you’re in need of some eye protection for those long walks in the park, on those runs around the neighborhood, or while cooking up something tasty on the BBQ, Oakley Sunglasses is there for you. With an insane 20% off all new arrivals + FREE shipping from the brand, it truly is a great time to be alive.

Some of the best Oakley sunglasses on sale right now:

Get 20% off Oakley eyewear and goggles + FREE shipping


A few of our favorite Oakleys on sale right now:


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Wheel House

SHOP THE SALE NOW$156 $124.80

Frogskins Origins Collection

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Portal X

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Radar® EV Path® Jolt Collection

SHOP THE SALE NOW$196 $156.80


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EVZero™ Blades Jolt Collection

SHOP THE SALE NOW$176 $140.80

Get 30% off Oakley eyewear and goggles + FREE shipping


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