The P90X2 DVD Workout Kit Is 64% Off Today — Only $49!


Are you still on the “I’m going to get in shape in 2017” fitness wagon? If so, good for you! Statistics show that 98% of people are already off the wagon and back to sucking at life. Sure, I just made up that stat, but it is probably pretty close to the actual percentage. So let’s roll with it.

One thing that will keep you on track to hit your 2017 fitness goals is a little thing called variety. Doing the same workout or routine day after day can get stale and boring. Boredom is the death of your dedication. To stave off boredom, you need to change things up sometimes. If you’re working out at home, a great way to do that is to start using the P90X2 DVD workout program.

P90X has a proven track record of results and P90X2 offers so much. For only $49 (originally $140) you get 12 new breakthrough workouts across 13 DVDs that include more emphasis on your core, athletic function, balance, and agility. If that isn’t enough to keep you interested in working out and motivated to keep doing it, nothing is.

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