Plant Your Digital Flag as an Artist with a .ART Web Domain

via Stack Commerce

Sometimes, a great notion changes an industry. For example, who would have thought a soft-spoken artist from Florida would bring his joy for oil painting to the masses on TV and spark several generations of nature-landscape lovers?

Of course, the Bob Rosses of this world are few and far between. If Ross was painting today and didn’t have a TV show to showcase his work, how would the people of 2022 be able to drink in all his happy little trees?

He’d likely go to the web, where his art would quietly battle for attention with the over 1.14 billion other websites out there. But, of course, a stronger solution for an artist to promote their work would be to go to a domain crafted just for artists, like a custom .ART web domain.

Having a .ART domain says you’re an artist to be taken seriously: one of more than 200,000 creative individuals who decided not to join the herd with a .com or .net domain and instead showcase paintings, graphics, photos, and more in one of the fastest-growing custom web domains in the world.

And a home under the .ART banner is more than just a URL. From painters to fashion designers, from performance artists to graphic-design pros, the .ART environment offers a wealth of website support features. In addition, each subscription comes with a free website builder, a professional email address, and beyond.

You can even score yourself a premium URL, using shorter, more generic words that will help make your site easier to find in a search and help put your work in front of more visitors.

All you’ve got to do to get started is head to the .ART flagship store and search for your preferred new .ART URL – or check with your preferred registrar. Most are available for as low as $9.95 a month.


*Prices subject to change.