Polaris RZR RS1 Is An Off-Road Thrill Ride That Makes A Rally Cross Champion Swoon

by 5 months ago

The brand new Polaris RZR RS1 provides a thrill ride that would make a Rally Cross champion’s pulse race. “Personally, I think the RZR RS1 is about the gnarliest little wicked beast of a machine, that I have ever driven,” praised Tanner Foust, three-time World Rally Cross Champion. If the RZR RS1 is good enough for a three-time Red Bull Global Rallycross champion to drive then it’s more than a fantastic ride for weekend warriors to treasure.

This speedy sport utility Polaris can take you wherever you want to go whether it be in the mud, snow, woods, or desert. The all-new RZR RS1 features a solo-passenger cockpit that offers a heightened sense of control and you don’t have to worry about your passenger to yell at you to slow down. The RS1, which is the world’s first single-seat RZR, provides drivers with high-visibility sightlines, optimal center-of-mass driving position, and increased balance. The Polaris RZR RS1 boasts race-inspired driver ergonomics and provides enough room for active arm and leg movement. It has a new brake system that gives drivers the option of traditional single-foot action or rally-inspired two-foot performance.

“The thing that you notice, right away with the RZR RS1, is that it’s much more of a driver’s machine, and it really ties you more in the driving experience,” said Foust. “You have center-cockpit, you have the involvement in seeing the tires, and you have everything great about the fun of driving, taken up a notch.”

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