The Retro Speaker That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Classy — Even With Those Superhero Sheets

by 3 years ago
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Everyone once in a while, I like to browse AM radio. Just to see what the hell goes on on all those channels. Unfortunately, the only way to do it was my car. Then I found this…

Crosley introduced its first radio in 1920, and has been a trusted name in sound ever since. Now you can turn up the music and turn back time with this classic tabletop radio. It’s designed to look great, but still offer the modern, high-tech sound you expect from a sound system in this day and age.

Throw on some throwback AM/FM radio or hook up your MP3 player directly— the Ranchero will fill your space with strong, vibrant sound and classic design.

  • Acoustically tuned & ported speaker enclosure
  • Attractive, vintage-style design
  • Analog AM/FM radio tuner
  • External device input for connecting & playing MP3 players or audio devices

It’s the perfect look for any bedroom, especially one inhabited by a guy who checks out AM radio.

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