RipSurf Creates The Feeling Of Surfing Anywhere There Isn’t Water

RipSurf RIde

Imagine grabbing the feeling of surfing without being near the beach.

RipSurf was createdby Ali Kermani, who found fame when he designed the drift racing Crazy Cart, and designed by Ian Desberg — head of Design and Development at Razor. The idea was simple — create a product that mimics the feel of surfing on a concrete environment. The result was the RipSurf caster board which allows the rider to speed up or slow down without ever taking their feet off the board.

Already hugely popular with surfers and skateboarders, RipSurf allows people to “Surf Where You Live” with the coolest new board that looks and feels like a real surfboard. Except for the whole “on dry land” thing.

The latest innovation from Razor was developed by its passionate surfers on the design team in its SoCal office – giving riders the authentic cut and carving feel on the streets without the wetsuit that everyone will want!