Samsung Is Now Taking Pre-Orders For The Freestyle Gen 2 Projector, Starting At $799.99

Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 Projector

via Samsung

Hey guys,

Remember those weekends when you and your friends struggled with that tiny screen during the big game or when you gathered around a little TV for a marathon gaming night? Pretty sure I got eye-strain from trying to play multiplayer on too small of a screen too many times in college.

Fortunately, Samsung might’ve just dropped a solution: The Freestyle Gen 2 with Gaming Hub. Now available for pre-order on, is the next-gen upgrade from The Freestyle Gen 1 last year, which was one of Samsung TV’s biggest new product launches. This one feature increased memory for faster performance, and a ton of new cloud gaming options.


Why It’s Worth Checking Out:

All About Games: It’s not just another projector. The built-in Gaming Hub offers a cool range of games from familiar names like Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Amazon Luna. Perfect for when it’s your turn to host the next gaming night.

More Than Just Games: Thinking of catching up on some shows or that match you missed? With built-in services and apps, plus Samsung TV Plus, you’re looking at a boatload of content – from live TV channels to on-demand movies. You can hook it up to whatever you want to use to watch stuff on.

Easy & Portable: As long as you have a power source, you can set this thing up anywhere. The backyard. The side of your house so you can watch football from your pool at night. A wall in your man cave. A bedroom. A living room. Heck, on a camping trip. Or, even better, a wall on the top of your yacht? You’re rich like that, right?

Imagine projecting our favorite moments in Full HD, from 30 to 100 inches. And the 360-degree sound? That’s game day made better. The best part? It’s lightweight and super portable.

Limited Time Offer: If you’re thinking of getting one, there’s a pre-order deal on until August 30th. It’s priced at $799.99 via, and they’re throwing in a water & dust resistant case.

Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 Projector

In a nutshell, whether it’s game day, movie night, or just a regular weekend, the new Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 might just be the upgrade we didn’t know we needed. What do you guys think? Worth a shot?



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