LED-Embedded Smart Rope Tracks Calories Burned — And Possibly Tears Shed — During Intense Jump Rope Sessions

by 3 years ago

Jumping rope is an old school but amazing cardio work out. It’s old school because you’re expected to count how jumps and estimate how many calories you burned.

Well, you were expected to do that, but then Smart Rope came along.

Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air, as you work out. Smart Rope syncs with our mobile fitness platform, Smart Gym, to track your jump count, calories burned, and workout times. Smart Gym will also recommend interval training sessions for you based on your skill level, and keep you motivated by unlocking awards and allowing you to compete with your friends on Facebook.

The LED lights make jumping rope possible any where and any time of day. Get a late night jump session in or rise and the crack of dawn and bang out some cardio before the rest of the world wakes up.

Let me know how it goes. I’ll be sleeping.


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