Sony To Release Two New PlayStation 4 Consoles Next Month, Including PS4 Slim (PICS)

Back in April, it was leaked that there would be a new PS4 named “Neo.” Today we learn that there will be two new versions of the PlayStation 4 and one will be a slimmed down version.

Photos alleging to be that of the PS4 Slim leaked on the U.K. classified ad site Gumtree. The listing refers to the console as a “slim line model” and had a $385 asking price before it was taken down. The streamlined unit looks distinctly different from the current PS4, and features a matte black finish. Noticeably missing is the optical audio port. That suggests that this unit could be a cheaper model with less features. Sony is said to have a big announcement at a “PlayStation Meeting” on September 7 in New York City. The last event that had that same exact moniker was held in 2013, where they revealed the PS4.

That “PlayStation Meeting” will also likely feature their powerful 4K gaming-enabled PS4, codenamed “Neo.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that their source said the two different versions of the PS4 are designed to broaden the appeal and “attract hardcore fans and more casual users to its video game platform.”

So if you’re thinking about buying a new PS4, it would probably be in your best interests to wait until September 7, because there could be new hardware as well as a possible price drop in the current model.