7 Must-Have Tech Buys For Spring Break Under $30

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So you want to go to Cabo but your student debit card is continuously being eaten up by 24 packs of Natty Ice and Axe deodorant spray.  We get it bro, you’re IT and you need to keep that fire going for both your lifting gains and your unsinkable libido-in-a-bathing-suit on that decadent Mexican-beach-paradise-vibe.

So it’s time to up your tech game to help you persevere and stay frugal these next few weeks.  Here are eight tech’y ways you can Tony Stark your pursuit a bit.

Spring Break Tech Buys


1. Combine forces with X-Mini II XAM4-BL Portable Capsule Speakers

If there’s one cool collaborative tech buy that you should get your squad of bros hyped on – it’s the X Mini II Portable Capsule Speakers.  Not only are they individually a perfectly loud enough option for the beach but you can also hook up multiple speakers together to create the perfect low-key party outside or in your pregame party ala hotel abode. BUY

2. Help your squad get connected and charged for the evening

Chances are – either your frat has rented out a floor of some budget hotel with two working outlets, or you’re crammed in a hostel with one working outlet and three creepy middle-aged post-doctoral vikings from Bermuda. This is where the catchy named Philips SPS2150WA travel charger comes into play.  For only $6 you can turn a single outlet into a multi-electronic-powering benefactor.  The Phillips travel charger features three standard AC outlets as well as two USB plug outlets to unify the squad in its individual pursuits of legendary snap stories. It folds up too!  BUY

3. Get your finances minty fresh with Mint or plot a great escape with Mvelopes

If you wanna be like Tony Stark – you gotta get the apps that allow you to act like Tony Stark first. Mint is one of those apps.  Mint puts your College mind at ease by combining all of your random Wells Fargo accounts into one more comprehensive finance page – it even allows you to setup notifications to remind you not to spend that remaining $9 on Chipotle.

Mvelopes is a similar app for your iOS and Android phones that will additionally help you develop a easy to comprehend budgeting system for your part time sound gig at the local brewery and instantaneously take snapshots of your receipts and input them into your finance database.  Having a database of receipts is a game-changer for the budget pursuit; the ease of navigating receipts on a screen is much more stress-free than the navigation of crumbled up pieces of paper scattered across several garbage cans in your dormitory.

4. You’re going to drop your phone in water at some point so….

Don’t be the artsy photographer type that drops their camera in the ocean the first day out and about.  Instead, maybe invest in a Lifeproof Case and get some of these sweet lens attachments to iPhone.  They’re inexpensive at only 39.99 and rather than lugging your bag full of plugs and alternate batteries for your actual camera, you can have the ability to just carry a few lenses and instantly be able to upload all your vivid panoramic and slow-mo videos to Instagram. BUY

5. No outlet? No problem!

So you neglected recommendation #5 and now you’re disoriented at a beach with a wet Sombrero on, 5% battery, and two new tinder matches that might know where El Dorado is but might also kill your battery in the process.  Not to fear – the Anker Astro Mini Portable Charger is here.  The most expensive model is currently going for $15.99 on  and offers one full charge to the iPhone6 as well as various Android counterparts.  The mini charger is the size of a lipstick tube and is perfect for getting that charge back, getting on that dating app, and finding that land of gold.  Just uh… don’t forget to charge it ahead of time. BUY

6. Last resort? Get crankin’

There is one final option if your device is dead and you desperately need to find your absent friend group – the ReVIVE ReStore VTL 2000mAh Power Bank.  Not only does the Power Bank have a built in LED flashlight, FM radio, and internal battery for charging – it also has a manual hand crank so even when you’re completely unprepared you can charge up your mobile device within a few minutes to make that emergency, “Where are you!?!?!?!?!?” phone call.  For only $14.99 you can’t go wrong with this budget tech lifesaver. BUY

7. Track everything you lost after a legendary night

Say it with me: You will lose something in Cabo. Maybe it will be your mind, job, or self-respect but more often than naught – it will be your phone or wallet.  To nullify this, get the new Tile trackers.  You can attach them to literally anything and once you do – as long as you have some way of accessing the application, you’ll be able to put a decadent night to rest and your mind at ease with an exact location that’s sent to you instantly.  At only $24.99 a tracker, you can’t go wrong with this potentially huge money saving piece of technology. BUY

TJ Farhadi is seriously concerned with anything having to do with automation and AI. In addition to seeking out the latest and greatest technologies, he loves kayaking across Lake Union. TJ is a regular contributor to www.review-weekly.com.

TJ Farhadi is seriously concerned with anything having to do with automation and AI. In addition to seeking out the latest and greatest technologies, he loves kayaking across Lake Union. TJ is a regular contributor to www.review-weekly.com.