Watch People Shit Their Pants When Tesla’s ‘Insane Mode’ Button Launches Them From 0 to 60 In 3+ Seconds

That’s right, the Tesla Model S P85D has an actual button in it that allows you to drive in “Insane Mode.” Did we mention that it is also an electric car capable of going from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.1 seconds? Of course this type of power has it’s costs: $120,000 to be precise, but every penny would be totally worth it just to see your friends react the way these unsuspecting passengers did when the driver hits “Insane Mode” and both the 221-horsepower front motor and the 470-horsepower rear motor kick in simultaneously.

With 0-60 MPH coming in just 3.1 seconds along with no audible clue of what’s about to happen, the aggressive launch brings out some very interesting and funny reactions, including a flying iPhone that gets stuck to the back seat from the G Forces (we’ve recorded 1.29G on the launch). (Drag Times)

I want one. Right now.

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