Bro Charging $85 On Airbnb To Sleep In His Tesla Model S

Does the S in Tesla Model S stand for sleeping?

A man from Phoenix, Arizona is listing his electric car, the Tesla Model S, on the rent-a-place website Airbnb and dubbing it the “world’s first Tesla hotel.” Not counting those people who spent all of their money on the pricey Tesla Model S and were forced to sleep in the car because they no longer can afford a house.

There are a couple stipulations, according to the online listing — the Tesla Model S has an airbed in the back but the car will be locked securely in his attached garage. For the $85, crashers are also allowed to his kitchen and bathroom. Steve, owner of the Tesla Model S, will also pick you up and drop you off at the airport “if his schedule permits.” And “no NBA players” because this guy has a sense of humor.

Here’s what else your $85 gets you:

The airbed in back sleeps 2 in climate controlled comfort all night. Since the Tesla uses NO gas the Tesla’s A/C or Heat can run all night without any problem locked securely in my attached garage. You can set the mood with your selection of any Internet music you would like on the huge 17″ monitor. How often do you get to sleep in a $118,000 Electric Car?

The Twin Airbed is 6’6″ long and 36″ wide. The space in back is even wider, 40″ wide near the wheels and up to 56″ wide near the rear doors so you have extra room to move about. It comes with clean sheets, pillows and a blanket or comforter if you like.

**Sorry, NO NBA Players allowed. Despite my love for basketball, the Tesla is just too small for anyone over 6′ 6″. Please…stop asking.

You also get 2 remote controlled candles – (battery powered of course) to help set a fun camping mood in the Tesla.

Other rules for temporary Tesla Model S residence include no smoking, no pets and no jacking off in his cup holder when he can’t take you to the airport.

[H/T: Engadget]

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