The Nomad Diving System Is A Portable, Lightweight Diving Setup That Doesn’t Require Being Certified

by 8 months ago
The Nomad blU3 diving system

blU3 / Kickstarter

SCUBA diving is one of the least accessible hobbies for the general population for several reasons. 1) It requires training and certification which can often be pretty expensive. 2) SCUBA equipment is often expensive, heavy, and is difficult to transport. And 3) in order to fully appreciate SCUBA as a sport you need to visit gorgeous tropical waters or remote locations like Iceland’s continental divide.

The Nomad is an ingeniously designed device that’s seeking to fix at least two of those problems above. It’s developed by blU3, and The Nomad doesn’t use any heavy oxygen tanks nor does it require expensive certification courses.

The Nomad blU3 diving system

blU3 / Kickstarter

If you’ve ever been on vacation and done ‘SNUBA’ this is a very similar experience only The Nomad doesn’t use oxygen tanks, it uses a floating air compressor on the surface which pumps fresh oxygen through a 40-foot hose so you can breathe fresh air while diving down to 40 feet.

Here’s The Nomad in action:

Living in Florida, I want one now. I’d use this all the time. The Nomad is currently on Kickstarter and running out of time. It’s about $170K away from its goal with only 14 hours left to go. However, it seems like this is one of those products that’s going to get made regardless of whether or not it’s funded on Kickstarter. This has all sorts of tourism and travel applications. I’d be shocked if this isn’t available for purchase by Summer even if the price is jacked up.

You can find more info on The Nomad HERE over on the Kickstarter page.

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