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This Celeb-Backed Recovery Drink Is Plant-Based, Helping You Restore And Recharge After A Big Night

It’s Friday night. You’re ready to let loose with the crew.

But after a big night, there’s the dreadful possibility you wake up the next morning feeling like a zombie.

Have no fear; there are ways to get your body recovering quickly. And no, it’s not the makeshift remedies you concocted in your college dorm. We’re talking about science-backed blends that help you recover faster than ever before.

The Plug Drink is a plant-based functional recovery beverage that reduces unwelcomed symptoms after a night out and boosts your immune system, helping to keep you hydrated.

With 240,000+ customers since its launch, The Plug has now closed a successful $1.5 Million Seed funding round with a star-studded list of investors, including Grammy-nominated rapper, Jack Harlow; NBA player, Myles Tuner; NFL player, Troy Hill; and’s co-founder and CEO, Peter Szulczewski. The recovery drink brand also has partnerships with the UFC and retail chains across the country.

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Restore. Recharge. Recover.

The founders and brother duo, Ray and Justin Kim, tired of rarely seeing results from “recovery products”, set out to create a functional recovery drink that actually gives customers the recovery they need. What they created was The Plug Drink, a science-backed proprietary blend of 13 plants, flowers, and fruits with the highest herbal concentration (3.6g) compared to competitors.

Backed by clinical research studies, The Plug Drink is designed to support your metabolism and optimize your lifestyle and productivity levels. The brand also sports a high-profile board of investors, having recently onboarded Hayden Fulstone, Co-Founder of Liquid I.V.

Here’s what Jack Harlow’s manager, Chris Thomas, had to say on the recovery beverage brand’s recent partnership with the Grammy-nominated rapper:

“The Plug is a true disruptor in the functional recovergy beverage space. After getting to know the founders, Ray and Justin, we’ve become strong believers in what they’re building, and it’s one of the main reasons why Jack and I decided to invest in this seed round. The Plug is the first to capture both the hydration and the herbal supplement markets. Very impressive to see how quickly they’ve grown in just a year, and can’t wait to see The Plug skyrocket next year!”

Everyone deserves to have a good time on a night out, and now thanks to The Plug, you can reduce those unwelcomed symptoms that typically make the next mornings so tough. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start enjoying those early brunches with the in-laws.

For a limited time, use code BROBIBLE20 for 20% off any pack until December 31, 2021.


I Tried The Plug Drink After A Big Saturday Night

With all the hype around this plant-based functional recovery drink, I had to give The Plug Drink a try for myself. As a recent college graduate, recovery drinks have been an all too important part of my life in past years. So hearing that the next best thing for recovery was out, I had a certain level of skepticism.

Following a Saturday night out with the boys, I tried a bottle of The Plug Drink. And it didn’t even take until morning for me to be pleasantly surprised. Right off the bat, the drink is actually quite tasty. I’m not saying it’s some fresh-squeezed orange juice, but the light fruity taste of The Plug Drink does the trick. And considering all the other nasty plant-based drinks out there, The Plug actually does a great job with their taste.

A great-tasting recovery drink is good and all, but what counts is if you’re seeing the results that it says it provides. And when waking up the following morning, there was no doubt in my mind The Plug was an enticing recovery option.

I was up and ready to enjoy a Sunday full of football after a big night before.

For a limited time, use code BROBIBLE20 for 20% off any pack until December 31, 2021.


Plants. Power. The Plug Drink.

Harnessing the power of plants to deliver above and beyond results, The Plug provides 5 key benefits to all their , according to The Plug.

5 benefits

The Plug supports liver health with a blend of 13 plants, flowers, and fruits was created.

key ingredients

The Plug Drink’s formula is a science-backed proprietary blend with the highest herbal concentration (3.6g) compared to competitors. And they ensure each bottle is Vegan Friendly, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and FDA compliant. It’s all-natural recovery support in a bottle with no caffeine, no added sugar, no cholesterol, and no fat.

Productivity is key to success, and The Plug has reimagined what it looks like to stay productive. Drink The Plug as the last shot of the night and wake up feeling great every time.

For a limited time, use code BROBIBLE20 for 20% off any pack until December 31, 2021.


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