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The Tovala Smart Oven And Meal Subscription Will Completely Transform Your Kitchen

Get the Tovala Smart Oven and subscribe to their meal subscription today!

We’ve already talked about the incredible deals that Tovala are running right now for their smart ovens and meal subscription. The real question is: how does it work? How does the food taste?

My fiancee and I took the Tovala Smart Oven Pro and a couple of their meals for a test drive the other day for lunch. As a former culinary student, she was especially curious about how the food would turn out.

The Smart Oven Pro

Tovala Smart Oven Pro and Tovala app

The first thing that jumped out to both of us was how easy it was to set everything up. The Tovala Smart Oven Pro comes with a sheet tray, air fry basket, oven mitt, drip tray, and steam vent cover. Putting everything together was a breeze. Plus, it takes up as much space on your counter as a microwave would. Not bad for something that essentially replaces your toaster, toaster oven, and air fryer.

You then download the app and get your oven connected to your home Wi-Fi (also super easy). The app not only scans the QR code for each meal so that it’s prepped for temperature, but it will also notify you when your meal is ready. Really takes “setting and forgetting” to a whole new level.


The Crispy Chicken Potsticker Bowl

Try the Crispy Chicken Potsticker Bowl and other great meals from Tovala

This meal couldn’t be easier to assemble. All you have to do is put your potstickers and rice on a sheet tray and let ‘er rip. The potstickers turned out super crispy on the outside with a tender, flavorful chicken filling. Throw in a side of fried rice and you’ve got yourself a perfect finger food that beats ordering delivery. We finished this in less than five minutes.

The Beef Nacho Flatbread

This one requires a little more assembly but it’s super straightforward and pretty fun to make. Think of it like a fancier version of a certain cross-cultural pizza made by a fast-food joint. You put it all together like a pizza and pop it in the oven. Once this started to get brown and bubbly, I could hardly hide my excitement:

I could have eaten this entire thing by myself, but I’m not a selfish partner. Crispy, cheesy, meaty, and a little spicy, this flatbread checked all the boxes and would go perfectly with a margarita…had it not been lunchtime on a Wednesday.

All in all, I would highly recommend the entire Tovala experience. As frequent cookers with just about every kitchen appliance at our disposal, my fiancee and I were admittedly a little skeptical. But now that we’ve tried it, we can’t wait to play around with more meals in this oven.

Don’t believe me? Head over to Tovala, get your smart oven and meal subscription, and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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