The Xbox One! Plus 10 Things We Want This Week

The Satechi USB LED Bottle Lamp, $24.99

I'm willing to take a guess that you have a liquor bottle laying around the house. Were you aware that it can be converted into a lamp? It can. Were you aware that this is, possibly, the most frat-tastic type of lamp technology currently available? You are now.

Useful Bacon Things, $Various

Pictured on this list: Bacon salt, bacon soap, bacon gumballs, bacon ice cream, bacon cupcakes, and bacon condoms.

Not pictured on this list: Cholesterol. (It's lurking. It's always lurking.)

Adidas Consortium Boston Super OG, $125

A sharp-looking update on a 1984 design, the Super OG relaunched this year for any fans of the throwback running kick. I think Adidas is re-releasing the OG as a subtle homage to the Boston Marathon—if the company is actually capitalizing on the tragedy, then mentally strike it from the list.

Someone Could Get Hurt, $15.50

Drew Magary is a columnist for Deadspin and, without a doubt, one of the funniest writers on the Internet. His new book, Someone Could Get Hurt, is an at-turns thoughtful, brutally honest, and hilarious memoir of raising three kids. You'll enjoy it, whether you count yourself as a fan or not.

Nike TW 14 Golf Shoes, $179

Those look like clown shoes up there, huh? Like, nice-looking clown shoes, but clown shoes nonetheless.

Anyway, Tiger debuted his new kicks at the Players Championship a couple of weeks ago, and Bless the Stuff featured them in a review yesterday. Apparently, the new edition is inspired the Nike Free—Nike's signature running shoe. The word “light-weight” is thrown around much, as always.

UE Boom, $199

From Thrillist:

The first stereo speaker to offer 360-degree sound, the uber-portable and powerful UE BOOM's a wireless Bluetooth-equipped beat blaster that has Jambox in its crosshairs, as its battery lasts longer on a full charge (15hrs) and's so durable, water- & stain-resistant that its been deemed “life-proof”.


More details here.

Bucket List Bars, $14

Much like 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, Bucket List Bars promises to feature the 40 essential U.S. bars you have to see before the cirrhosis kicks in. These drinking holes were frequented by Founding Fathers, Rat Packers, and other historical luminaries, and they're much more fun than a tour of Independence Hall. 

GoRuck Run, $70-105

The GoRuck run is a challenging 6+ mile course that features 20+ obstacles designed by a team of U.S. Special Forces. After you complete the run, you and your new best friends can drink 12 PBRs for $12. Sound like a fun September 21? Sign up soon—the run cuts off at 3,500 entries.

Men's Optic Stripe Polo, $69.99

Under Amour has really stepped up its golf gear “game” lately. (It's impossible to not use sports metaphors when talking about this company, sorry.) We're fans of the Optic polo—it whisks away sweat, and the cut has none of the bagginess that plagues other shirts.

Xbox One, $TBA

I've written enough about this new toy. For more info, check out “10 Things We Know About the Xbox One” and a much meaner “Xbox Recap in 90 Seconds.”