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Save $3 + Free Shipping On Kori Krill Oil! Omega 3s Without The Fishy Side Effects

Save $3 + Free Shipping on Kori Krill Oil! Omega 3s Without The Fishy Side Effects

By now you’ve probably read some news article informing you about the importance of Omega-3 nutrients. Or maybe your distant aunt won’t stop nagging you about eating fish. No matter the case, the importance of Omega-3 towards supporting long-term health and wellness is widely recognized.

In fact, your distant aunt may have recommended taking fish oil – it is the commonly known supplement for Omega-3s. And while you may think adding fish oil pills to your health routine will be a quick fix, perhaps consider the less talked about and rather inconvenient side effects.

So if you don’t want to deal with any side effects from a supplement, but still don’t eat the necessary amount of fish in your diet to hit those recommended Omega-3 levels, what’s the next step? Are you just out of luck? Nope!

Thankfully, there’s a better source of Omega-3s — Kori Krill Oil. Sourced from pure Antarctic waters, Kori Krill Oil is a multi-benefit Omega-3 supplement with some big advantages over fish oil.

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Let’s get straight to the point — when stacked up against the standard supplement for Omega-3 (fish oil pills), Kori Krill Oil is just better. It’s got stuff you want that fish oil pills don’t have. And it doesn’t have the stuff you don’t want, but fish oil does have.

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No More Fish Oil Burps

The most common complaint when it comes to fish oil pills has to be the nasty fish oil burps or, if you’re lucky, just the fishy aftertaste you can’t get rid of. Well, that’s because fish oil Omega-3 supplements don’t deliver Omega-3s in their most natural phospholipid form like you would get in real fish.

Instead, they supply Omega-3s by way of triglycerides which just aren’t digested or blended as efficiently in our stomach. The result? Fish oil can form a separate top layer in your stomach leading to reflux into the food pipe and those truly uncomfortable fishy burps.

Maybe you’re a smart guy and figured “burp-less” fish oil pills would do the trick. Unfortunately, they still lack phospholipids and instead rely on enteric coating or additional oils to mask the flavor. That’s like dousing yourself in body spray instead of taking a shower — it just doesn’t work. You just end up with minty fish burps, which sounds even worse to us.

You know what supplement does deliver Omega-3s in their most natural phospholipid form? That’s right — Kori Krill Oil! The phospholipids naturally found in Kori Krill Oil allow for better absorption and digestion. You’ll never have to worry about fishy burps or aftertaste again.

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Kori Krill Oil Goes Beyond Omega-3s

Phospholipids aren’t the only added benefit Kori Krill Oil has over fish oil pills. It’s naturally a good source of choline too, an essential nutrient that supports brain and nervous system health. You don’t get that with your typical fish oil pill.

Kori Krill Oil also has a naturally occurring antioxidant, astaxanthin, which is responsible for the red coloring of the pill. And with that knowledge, you can add Kori to your daily health routine without the worry of consuming artificial dyes.

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Easy Consumption Without Sacrifice

There’s no shame struggling to swallow large pills, but certainly don’t go looking for ‘mini’ fish oil alternatives. Why? Well, fish oil pill manufacturers use a highly-processed concentrated form of fish oil called ethyl ester to make those smaller pills. And when taken without a fatty meal, ethyl esters may be inefficiently absorbed and thus less effective in increasing the Omega-3 index.

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Despite offering their supplement in three different sizes (1200mg, 600mg, and 400mg), Kori Krill Oil will never contain any added ethyl esters. In other words, Kori Krill Oil never includes inferior ingredients that you might find in fish oil pills.

Kori understands everyone has their own preferences and limitations when it comes to swallowing pills. If you are comfortable swallowing larger pills and prefer the convenience of one and done, Kori’s Standard 1200mg is your best bet. If you prefer smaller pills, go with the Small 600mg (taker 2 per day) or the mini 400mg (take 3 per day). No matter which size you choose, you’ll get the daily dose of Omega-3s you need.

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Kori Krill Oil is made in the USA with wild-caught Antarctic krill. Learn more about their sustainability efforts, emphasis on quality and tracing, and the importance of Omega-3s towards your long-term health here.

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