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How Kori Krill Oil Helps Solve The Omega-3 Deficiency You Didn’t Know You Had

By now everyone understands the importance of getting essential nutrients from a balanced diet. But there’s one nutrient that most of us still miss because we don’t eat enough fish – Omega-3s. 70% of Americans are not getting the recommended amount of Omega-3s daily according to the National Health & Nutrition Survey.

Look, I enjoy a good seafood dinner as much as the next guy, but keeping a consistent, healthy diet of Atlantic Salmon is no easy task. Especially when cheeseburgers and fries are readily available at the tap of my phone. Thus, supplements that provide Omega-3s like fish oil are vital to support our long-term health and wellness.

However, when it comes to fish oil, the nasty burps, fishy aftertaste, and other inconvenient side effects make me question — is it worth it?

That’s when I learned there’s a better source of Omega-3s. Kori Kill Oil is a multi-benefit Omega-3 source from pure Antarctic waters. It’s got superior Omega-3 absorption vs. fish oil AND no fishy aftertaste.

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Say Goodbye to Fish Oil Burps

Delivering Omega-3 EPA & DHA in their most natural phospholipid form, Kori Krill Oil provides superior Omega-3 absorption compared to fish oil.

During processing, fish oil loses that natural form. The result? — You’re left dealing with awful burps and a fishy aftertaste. And while I do wish I ate more fish, I definitely don’t need a constant fishy taste in my mouth to make up for it.

Thankfully, the phospholipids in Kori Krill Oil agree with our water-based bodily systems, allowing for easy digestion. The result? — No fishy burps!

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What does Kori Krill Oil do for you?

As one of the most well-researched nutrients, Omega-3s haves been scientifically proven to support heart, immune, brain, joint, eye, and skin health. Unlike plant-based Omega-3 sources or most multivitamins, Kori Pure Antarctic Krill Oil has the Omega-3s EPA & DHA that support your best health. In fact, krill oil is clinically proven to raise Omega-3 levels.

Kori Krill products provide 250mg of essential Omega-3 EPA & DHA per day, available in three different softgel sizes. That’s the same amount of daily Omega-3s that you’d get on average by eating the recommended two servings of fish per week.

And there’s more! Kori Krill Oil is also a good source of choline, an essential nutrient that supports brain, nervous system, liver and metabolic health. And last but not least, it has the naturally occurring antioxidant, astaxanthin.

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About Kori Pure Antarctic Krill Oil

Maybe you’re just looking for a new, high quality supplement out there. Or perhaps, you’ve dealt with fish oil burps for long enough. No matter the reason, it’s time to make sure your diet has the necessary Omega-3s. Just pick up some Kori Pure Antarctic Krill Oil in the size that works best for you.

Kori Krill Oil sizes

  • Standard 1200 mg (1 per day)
  • Small 600 mg (2 per day)
  • Mini 400mg (3 per day)

Kori Krill Oil is made in the USA with wild-caught Antarctic krill. They process it immediately on boats to preserve freshness. It’s third party quality tested and each bottle is traceable back to its original source. You also get the peace of mind knowing that Kori Krill Oil operations have earned the highest sustainability credentials six years running. Not only do they care about you and your health, but they ensure the oceans aren’t being sacrificed for it.

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